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I came across Markertek when I was looking to purchase some high-quality XLR connectors for a portable recording rig.  They’re target market is TV and radio stations, but they sell to anyone.  A friend turned me on to them, and I’ve ordered connectors, wire, and such from them a couple of times with good results.  They shipped on time and packaged everything surprisingly well.

I like the fact that they carry a wide range of materials and have pictures of almost all of them available on their website.  For example, they don’t just carry a “female XLR connector” — they carry dozens of them, including at least three different Neutrik models.

They’re also a great source for audio wire.  I no longer pay big bucks for instrument cables; now I built my own 25-footer out of Canare wire and Neutrik 1/4″ connectors for around $20.

If you’re looking for A/V type stuff — like building your own patch panel or cables — you might want to give them a look.

Markertek: America’s Broadcast Supply House [Corporate Site]

Note: Half the difficulty of any projects is finding the right materials — fasteners, connectors, etc.  — so we’re going to share some of our “black book” list with you via these “material source” posts.  If you’re willing to share some of your secret shopping locations, drop us a line and we’ll post ’em.


3 Responses to Material Source: Markertek, America’s Broadcast Supply House

  1. Kurt Schwind says:

    What really makes that site viable is the man’s “Drunken XLR to RCA converter Kung Fu”.

  2. Chuck Cage says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty funny. Maybe that sort of thing appeals to broadcast engineer types.

  3. crashin says:

    As an AV technician I am always looking for new places for connectors and such. Thanks!

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