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JLC online posted a sweet article on flashing recessed windows so they don’t leak.  This may not seem like a big deal, but Gene Summy says it’s not as simple as it looks.  He writes:

For years now, recessed windows — which mimic the appearance of traditional Southwestern adobe architecture — have been popular in Western states like California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. Now the trend is moving eastward.  Unfortunately, a recessed window — which is typically set anywhere from 2 to 12 inches into the framing —  is very difficult to flash properly.  I know because my company has been investigating and repairing leaky recessed window openings in Southern California ever since they started showing up on new construction projects 10 years ago.

Gene goes on in the article to run down the steps for properly preparing an opening with pre-formed corners and layered flashing to prevent leaks.  There are a bunch of great pictures as well and a diagram or two to help illustrate the technique.  It’s a good read for anyone considering recessed windows.

Flashing Recessed Windows [JLC Online]


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