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Like chess and racquetball, the procedure for hanging wallpaper is deciptively simple and remarkably difficult to master.  Thankfully the folks over at This Old House took the time to pump New York pro wallpaper hanger John Gregoras for his best tricks, acquired over his twenty years of installing the sticky stuff.

From layout to assembling your shopping list to actual installation, this is a great how-to post loaded with photos.

The Best Techniques For Hanging Wallpaper [This Old House]


4 Responses to Tips On Hanging Wallpaper

  1. RTF says:

    Why not skip the wallpaper all together?

    Try this instead:

  2. benjamen says:

    Coming from someone who has stripped a lot of wallpaper because the previous owner thought she was an interior decorator:

    DON”T DO IT.

    Sure maybe if you hang wall paper right, you might be able to take it off in twice as much time as it would take to paint the room; if it is done wrong or with crappy wallpaper, you might be stuck peeling confetti size strips for two weeks.

    The textured paintable wallpaper is the worst. It took my wife and I 8 hours to get all the paper and the glue off a 8×10 hall wall. And yes, we know how to strip wallpaper properly! I have another wall accented with the same wallpaper; I told my wife that I would sooner rip out the drywall and replace it, than tackle removing the wallpaper.

    The line from True Lies kept running through my head as I was stripping the nightmare paper from the hallway… What kind of a sick b*&^% takes the ice cube trays out of the freezer? Although instead I substituted… What kind of sick B*&^% hangs wallpaper in their house.

  3. Weldo says:

    Here’s a tip. DO NOT squeegee so hard that the messy gooey stuff some from behind the paper. Turns out that’s the glue that would’ve held the paper to the wall.

    Live and learn, I guess.

  4. Several of the tips here saved my butt; would have done it wrong and then worst of all… my wife would have killed me. Thanks for a great article!

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