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We’re putting together a palm sander comparison for later this year and we thought we’d start by asking you which models you like the most so we can try to include them in the testing.

We have our own preferences, of course, but we’d love to hear your thoughts.  Let us know what you like — and why! — in comments.


10 Responses to Reader Question: What’s Your Favorite Palm Sander?

  1. Troy says:

    I have a Rigid Orbital, but I would Like a Dewalt (I’m a Brand Whore). I like the Rigid at lower speeds but it vibrates like an SOB at higher speeds. The dust collection also gets in the way on the side. I would like to see what ya’ll think of the Dewalt D26453. I also have a B&D Mouse. It actually works pretty well for Corner work but outside of that I don’t touch it. You have to be careful though, it can blow through the top layer of plywood pretty quickly

  2. l_bilyk says:

    The D26453 is OK. I have that and the old one. I’m not sure if it’s better than the DW421. It doesn’t feel any more powerful, but it does weigh more. If you’re sanding something laying flat on the table it’s better. If you have to hold up the sander, the older one is better.

    I’m told the bosch 5″ ROS is the best in the “affordable” ROS category.

  3. BJN says:

    Porter Cable random orbital 5″ with hook and loop pad. The action is so smooth you might think it’s not working, but it’s really the most effective sander I’ve ever used.

    Sheet paper sanders like the one pictured are dark age technology. Hisssssss !!!! (making a cross with my index fingers).

    My sander is several years old and although it’s a great sander it has a poorly designed dust cannister that likes to come apart or fall off at inopportune times. Looks like the new cannister design is much improved. Maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade…

  4. Tom says:

    I have the Bosch BOS1297DK and love it. I got it a few years ago and have used it on a couple dozen jobs. A few weeks ago I got a Dewalt palm sander that had been used once in a ritzy area garage sale for $15. The Sheetlock on the Bosch is about a bezillion times better getting the paper on the Dewalt was a PITA.

  5. RTF says:

    I have the DW421 and want to replace, but won’t go with DeWalt. The pads wear out too quickly even though I use with shop vac, clean sandpaper back before and after each use and clean the pad b&a. The bag ripped pretty early on and can’t find a replacement at local retail.

    I have to disagree w/ B&D Mouse. The tip wears too easily and loses its effectiveness in corners quickly. Leaves too many marks on soft woods like pine.

    I will try either the Bosch (w/ vac attach) or the Rigid.

  6. Steve Thompson says:

    I have the P-C 5″ hook and loop sander as well and love it. I believe it’s the 333VSK. Smooth and sized right. At first I was a little leary of having to buy “special” paper, but these days hook-and-loop is so ubiquitous it’s not a problem.

    The only thing I’m not convinced about is the effectiveness of the dust canister, but that doesn’t make me want something else.

  7. Sullen70 says:

    I got Dewalt’s quarter-sheet palm sander about 9 years ago when I made headboard for a family member. It has held up fine for many more works since. For the money, I’d say it’s great for the regular monthly project.

  8. benjamen says:

    I have a Makita BO5021 that I purchase at Costco a few years ago. It’s a 5″ hook and loop type random orbital, but I think just about any other palm sander would be better. The dust collection sucks, or should I say fails to suck. You can’t hook it up to a dust collection system and the bag is useless, so dust flies everywhere. It’s awkward to hold and use and it vibrates like a sex toy.

  9. TL says:

    I’ve got an older P-C 5″ orbital with the round hook and loop paper. I love the thing, except for the dust collection setup. The ouput hole is too small to hook up to either shop vac, and the provided dust holder falls off at least once per project.

  10. Xen says:

    I love my Porter Cable 5″ RO (model 333 hook and loop) and have had it for years. Though, I agree that the dust canister gets useless fast. But, I hook mine up to my shop vac via a 1.25 inch hose I bought at HD (Rigid multi purpose accessory kit where the end of the hose just happened to fit perfectly over the PC dust port) and it becomes essentially dustless.

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