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I asked you to show me your tools, so I figured I’d better show you mine first.  This old Milwaukee portable band saw is a total lifesaver when you need to cut steel outside of the shop — or when you need to make a cut that’ll never fit into your standard saw.  My Dad picked this up used at a flea market about fifteen years ago, and I inherited it a few years back.

I’m always surprised at how few people actually own one of these.  I understand that there’s a stand available to turn it into a sort of mini-standard-band-saw, but Milwaukee wants about as much for the stand as they do for the saw itself.  Maybe I’ll get around to building my own at some point.

Anyway, now that I’ve shown you mine, you can show me yours via our new Flickr photo pool.  (You can see more pics of the portable band saw there, too.)


7 Responses to From The Toolbox: My Old Milwaukee Portable Band Saw

  1. Aaron Baca says:

    I don’t own one of these myself, but I do use one at work. It’s a Millwaukee Portaband, one that’s older than the one you show.
    They’re awesome for cutting steel stock in the field, far better than a Sawzall. the only restriction is space and depth.

  2. Chuck Cage says:

    Aaron: It really tears through steel stock — even faster than my standard band saw, though it might be the blade that’s on it.

  3. David says:

    This was my favorite tool when I was the “metals guy” in a previous job. I cried a little bit when the body went plastic.

  4. Rob says:

    well I have to say as a tool for a steel shop it is a must have I didn’t however know that they have ben around that long my dad’s fab shop has one butit is less than 5 years old looks just like it

    and for cutting hand rail and such for on site fab or repairs it is a gift from the gods

  5. l_bilyk says:

    These bandsaws are so awesome…. cut through big conduit like butter

  6. Nick Carter says:

    The second picture in this blog entry of mine shows a friend’s conversion of an old wood cutting chop saw base to hold a portable bandsaw:


    He found the chop saw base without the saw at a local junkyard.

  7. Marc Kelly says:

    Awesome. I didn’t know they existed. I had to cut the roof off my (rolled) rally car the other week and this would have been the perfect tool.

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