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Skil-14.4 Volt Drill with Stud Finder

Overstock isn’t somewhere I normally go for tools, however this reconditioned 14.4V Skil drill with a detachable stud finder for $35 caught my eye.  The drill isn’t exactly feature-laden with a single-speed transmission variable from 0-700 RPM, six torque settings, and a 3/8″ keyless chuck.  But when you consider $35 buys you a drill and a stud finder, it sounds better.  The charger, battery, double ended driver bit, and carrying case are also included.

Skil #2567-03 14.4V Drill/Driver [Skil Tools]
Skil-14.4V Drill/Driver with Stud Finder [Overstock]


One Response to Dealmonger: Skil-14.4 Volt Drill with Stud Finder

  1. Eric says:

    I wouldn’t call that much of a bargain, My old high school bought some of those a couple of years ago for about that price brand new. It seemed like a pretty good deal, but the stud finders are junk, and they had a lot of trouble getting the chargers to last more than a couple of months. But at least skil kept sending them new chargers for free.

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