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Sears is emailing the Craftsman Club to let us know they’ve got the AccuTrac laser measuring tool on sale for $100 (regularly $120) today.  Besides measuring distances without a tape, it includes a recall feature that stores up to ten measurements, and it can calculate square footage and triangular distances internally.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve yet to shell out the dough to try one of these.  But while it’s a fun-looking accessory for me, I’d imagine this is pure bread and butter for a carpenter or carpet/tile installer who needs to make estimates quickly and efficiently.  This one looks pretty solid, too, though there are some other great models on the market as well.

Craftsman AccuTrac Laser Measuring Tool [Sears]


8 Responses to Dealmonger: $20 Off Craftsman’s AccuTrac Laser Measuring Tool

  1. NickC says:

    from http://www.sears.com
    “The accuracy is +/- 3/16-in at 150 feet.”

    Not bad for $100. Does anyone know how well the Pythagorean Theorem function works? That alone seems really cool.
    Also does this have threading to mount it on a tripod?

    • JT Johnston says:

      Pyth Theo works well and does not rely on angles, it measures distances instead.
      Tripod mount is brass and is threaded.

  2. Patrick says:

    I went out to sears.com today and they had another $15 off. So you can get it for $85.

  3. KW says:

    > I went out to sears.com today and they had
    > another $15 off. So you can get it for $85.

    Is that $15 still there? Do you have a specific link?

    I’d guess the Pythagorean method is good for 30 or 45 degree angles. I’d want to get dimensions of my attic from any point (where I can stand) and it’d probably be with unknown angles.

  4. vwMan says:

    Does anyone know if it is more accurate at shorter distances?

    I am looking for +/- 1/16-in.


  5. F451 says:

    I purchased this at the last Craftsman Days sale for the member price of $84.99, plus tax, and here are my findings:

    1) It is not very rugged. The silver is simply paint over a light beige plastic.

    2) There is no tripod mount.

    3) Accuracy is all over the map resulting from three critical factors:

    a) It is difficult to hold freehand without bracing it properly.

    b) The buttons are absolutely terrible…I do mean terrible. The face of the unit has a one-piece molded button inset that is absolutely terrible to achieve the proper detent on the “Measure” button causing you wander the laser all over the bloody place. There are three buttons on the side of unit for adding and subtracting and they are terrible to use as they are hit and miss because of how they are made.

    c) The design of the unit is too simplistic to account for the sometimes complex situations you are forced to measure in.

    Bottom line: This pup is being returned for a full refund…too bad.

  6. Gordon Nielson says:

    I have found this device a bit hard to get used to but, for the type of use I needed it for, I have found this unit to be “dead accurate” – my main requirement.. When I encountered weird or “out of tolerance” distances, it was usually due to my error in measurement.

    I’m keeping this device.

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