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From the Carroll County Times:

Tom Miley, technology education teacher and adviser of the woodworking club for the New Windsor Middle School Community Learning Center, said that rather than have the after-school students make another trinket, he wanted to offer a bigger project.

Apparently Mr. Miley’s “bigger projects” included two Adirondack-style chairs and three wooden wishing wells, which the New Windsor Middle School students built successfully over the last five weeks.  The students’ work will be auctioned at the New Windsor Fire Carnival starting June 4th to benefit the local volunteer fire department.  The auction ends June 8th, one day before the end of the carnival.

We always enjoy stories of the people who take time to introduce young people to the art of working with their hands, so if you’re in the New Windsor area, why not drop by and bid on the furniture?  You’d not only help a good cause, but you’d also help show some enterprising middle school students that woodworking is a skill that lasts a lifetime.

Students Make Furniture [Caroll County Times]

(Thanks to KiltBear for the great cc-licensed photo above, which isn’t one of the kids’ chairs, but is a great example of an Adirondack used as it should be.)


2 Responses to Bid On Student-Made Furniture Before June 8th In New Windsor, MD

  1. John says:

    Hey, thats cool. I’m originally from carroll county (Sykesville), and in middle school played on a school team against New Windsor. I think I even recognize that mountain range in the background of the pic.

  2. KiltBear says:

    This is KiltBear. Glad you enjoyed the pic.

    @John, the photo is in Healdsburg, CA (1.5 hours north of San Francisco)

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