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Behold the power of flames: this plain ‘ole 7-piece set of Task Force screwdrivers isn’t remarkable in any way except that they have red and yellow rubber flames on the handle.  Yes, this is a shameless gimmick and a sorry attempt to part us with $12.  The only trouble is that it works — every time. 

Had I not just blown my entire tool budget for next month on a shop vacuum and a Skil saw I would have picked them up right there and then.  Damn you, Task Force, for preying on my weakness!

Fire Screwdrivers [Lowe’s]


3 Responses to Task Force’s Fire Drivers

  1. Stuey says:

    I saw similar handled drivers in a Sears bargain bin for cheaper.

    Also, no offense, but before I see the handles I see the brand name. Call shallow, but Task force anything repulses me. It seems to me that they cut corners as much as possible to provide the cheapest tool possible. Similarly I won’t buy anything from Home Depot’s Workforce collection or Sears’s Companion line.

  2. eschoendorff says:

    I saw them at lowes and though the same thing. But I have some Snap Ons that I really like, so I passed.

  3. poq says:

    Wow, that looks… completely useless.

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