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This beam cutter attachment from Prazi enables your standard circular saw to rib lumber up to 12″ thick — perfect for making single pass cuts of beams, posts, and logs.  The attachment installs with three bolts and doesn’t require you to remove any existing saw parts, so it converts back just as quickly.

The beam cutter essentially converts your circ saw into a vertical chain saw, complete with a low-profile, anti-kickback chain and a foot plate to help you guide it easily.  The PR2000 (pictured) is designed to fit Makita and DeWalt saws, but Prazi offers other models to match different makes; there’s probably one there for whatever kind of professional saw you own.

According to Prazi, you can also use the ‘cutter to cut rafter pitch cutouts, miters, stringers, arches, and even compound angles.  Check out the video on the page linked below for details and to see the ‘cutter in action.

Street pricing starts around $145.

Beam Cutter Attachment [Prazi USA]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


10 Responses to Rip Lumber Up To A Foot Thick With Your Circ Saw

  1. Tom says:

    Thats pretty cool, kinda like an Alaskan Chainsaw mill for your circ saw.

  2. Lorenzo says:

    Not to be a naysayer, but it seems like a lot of trouble to go through… why not just carry a chainsaw with the circ saw?

  3. I’m with Lorenzo. It looks like it’d be a pain to attach and detatch, to the point where you’d probably end up with a second saw permanently dedicated to it. At that point, why not carry a real chainsaw? I suppose the foot plate makes it easy to keep level, but you could bolt something similar onto a regular chainsaw in a few minutes, and end up with a lighter, more maneuverable assembly.

    It does look bad-ass, though. I mentally replay the drill scene from Uncle Buck whenever tools like this come up, and I tellya what, a foot-long bar and chain sticking off the bottom of a circular saw has extreme fear-inspiring potential.

  4. Brau says:

    This thing just scares the crap outta me. Wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

  5. james b says:

    I can just smell the blue smoke coming from the motor brushes now . . .

  6. jason p says:

    Seems to me, that if you have a need for cutting poles or beams. appears to be the ticket. Sure you can carry a chain saw, but cutting accuracy is in question. not to mention kick backs. Sure, blue smoke could seem to be a fear. But if you buy a saw with power instead of the walmart special, you might be surprised of what you can do. I believe that this is more suited for the professional and not so much towards the person who might use it for the fence project that they will do one time in there life.

  7. Luke j. says:

    I agree with Jason. I am a seasoned framer, strictly custom, and you frequently have large logs and or headers. Even when you have a large beam saw, it still will not accomplish a 12″ deep cut in a single pass, and a chainsaw would not provide the accuracy that this attachment provides. And please, use a top name brand like skil-saw and you may avoid seeing that blue smoke. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to use a worm drive saw. That’s all I use is worm drive skil saws. The’re made to withstand constant low rpm applications such as this attachment also would provide.good luck!!!

  8. alan Short says:

    You have to use this blade with a worm drive saw a regular circ saw doesnt cut the mustard…it works incredable with large materials

  9. john p. says:

    this would work for me,i have one hand and need to cut limbs to size for my firepit,i have a chainsaw but it is too heavy for me to handle with one hand and I worry about the kickback from it.if you pay a little more money for a good saw,you ca keep the attachment on the saw,and use your other one for general use,so there is no switching attachments.i am going to chech if my store has it in stock yet,cant wait to use it,i have a stack of limbs to cut.

  10. laur says:

    Unless this attachment is equipped with an oiler the bar will rapidly wear, plus chain heat will soar.

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