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Black & decker Auto clamp

Amazon currently lists Black & Decker’s motorized clamp at $16.90.  They claim 350 pouns of clamping force and (of course) single-handed operation.  Sure, it’s questionable whether this is useful or just a gimmick, but if you’ve been thinking about giving one a try, at least it’s a little cheaper now.

The Auto Clamp [Black & Decker]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


7 Responses to Dealmonger: Black & Decker’s Powered Auto Clamp For $17

  1. Waylan says:

    While reading your review of the Stanley FatMax Xtreme Auto Trigger Clamp it occurred to me that when testing these things it would be cool if you could measure the pressure that each clamp is capable of. Here I see the manufacturer making a claim, which makes it even more interesting. Why not dig up some sort of pressure measuring device, check every clamp you can get your hands on and report back? Of course, thats just a suggestion that you are completely free to ignore.

  2. l_bilyk says:


  3. eschoendorff says:


  4. Jim says:

    I played with one the other day when I found myself at a Sears and it felt really poorly constructed. I just can’t imagine it lasting long. That said, I didn’t buy one so I can’t say I really know, just my first impression.

  5. Chris says:

    Am I missing something here, or does this really seem like the biggest waste of money ever? Unless you have the world’s worst arthritis (in which case you’re probably not doing a lot of work with hand tools anyway), how is this really any faster/better/easier than using a regular C-clamp or a trigger clamp?


  6. Stuey says:

    If you could squeeze the trigger you could operate one of those Irwin clamps.

    If this was a hot or not, I’d give it a big “350lb clamping power” nooooooot.

  7. Luke says:

    I think its a great idea there have been plenty of times that I wanted to put a clamp on one handed, its just a differnt approch to the one handed clamps by irwin and it requires little strengh. That said I havent actualy tried one but the concept seems good.

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