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This sander from Festool offers the ability to switch from a “rotary” mode — which removes lots of material — to a random orbiate mode that’s appropriate for fine sanding and polishing.  Add to that a tool-free disc change system and you have one interesting little sander.

Festool has a slick name for every feature on the RO-150-FEQ, but let’s skip the marketing mess.  Here’s the low-down:

Besides its dual-mode operation, the ‘FEQ (as we fondly refer to it) hooks directly into Festool’s sweet-if-too-freakin’-expeinsive dust collection system, but the dust collection attachment on the ‘FEQ is modular so you can remove it when you’re polishing or buffing.  It features “stepless” electronic speed control (read: true variable speed) in both modes, and the power cord is detachable for replacement, too.  Abrasive media attaches via a hook-and-loop system.

There’s really only one bit of bad news about the ‘FEQ, and it’s a tune that’s familiar to all Festool owners: street pricing starts around $440.  (We did find a couple of deals via Google Products offering the ‘FEQ bundled with Festool’s CT22 dust extractor kit for around $822.)  So if you’ve got $500 burning a hole in your pocket, check it out.

PS: Don’t miss the video on the Festool site.  It’s also marketing-crap-laden, but it gives you a good look at the tool in action — which makes it worth your time.

RO-150-FEQ 6″ Dual-Mode Sander [Festool]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


4 Responses to Festool’s Two-In-One Sander

  1. Steve Thompson says:

    I lust for Festool. I just wish I had the bank to invest in the whole system.

  2. AZ_Engineer says:

    I have this Festool sander. The dust collection with the Festool vac, a Fein Vac, or and Alto vac will amaze you. I sanded a large storage cabinet for about 2 hours the day I bought the sander. I had on a black T-shirt and I had NO sawdust on the shirt. Zero, none, nada. Simply amazing. The downside is that as a result, I sold all my other sanders and bought 4 other Festools.

  3. Dave says:

    I got an Attix 12 Xtremeclean vacuum. The filter blows itself clean as I sand things or operate my saw. It’s really unbelievable… I saw a video of it on http://www.industrialvacs.com and thought there’s not way the video can be true but it was. At long last i have a really really powerful and quiet vacuum with a filter system that cleans itself as I work

  4. Suzy says:

    I have a RO 125 with the mini dust extractor. I love the system. The mini extractor is perfect for me as I work on boats and have to carry my tools with me from client boat to client boat. The mini is perfect on deck when I’m working outside, small size but not small on suction, stable footprint, far better than round. Can’t say enough about the RO 125, best sander I’ve ever had my hands on. I’m a Festool Junkie, more, I want more.

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