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Remember that guy whose tools you left out in the rain when you were five?  Yep, that’s Dad, and his special day is coming up quickly.  And just like last year, we’d like to recommend a good quality pocket knife as a perfect Father’s Day gift.  We’ve posted about a few already, but here’s another you might consider: the Case Small Congress Mammoth Ivory.  It’s unusual enough that he wouldn’t likely spring for one himself, yet it’s still a strong, usable knife.

I speak from experience.  Even with two sons and three decades of Father’s Day tool and knife giving, the old man still lights up the most when he receives a shiny new blade.  This year a four-bladed, well-crafted knife sporting pre-historic pakiderm sounds like it might be just the ticket.

Street pricing starts at $182.

Case Small Congress #9255 Mammoth Ivory Knife [W.R. Case]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]


2 Responses to Father’s Day Gift Ideas: A Quality Knife

  1. josh says:

    Make sure you know what kind of knife he carries, Giving someone who carries a case knife like that a sog tactical style knife makes very little sense.

  2. Iron Head 46 says:

    The nice thing about giving a Case knife for a Father’s day gift is that someday it will be back in your hands. I don’t mean that in a bad way. When my Father is gone one thing I will have will be the Case knives that I have bought over the years. Knives that he carries everyday. Now there is nothing wrong with being able to have or hold something that belonged to your Father or to be able to pass it down to your kids.

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