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Klein Screwdrivers

I purchased this 7-piece set of Klein screwdrivers at Sears for $42.  It was an impulse buy, and I later found them online for $36.90.  My pain is your gain!  The set includes a 1/4″ slotted, a 5/16″ slotted, a 3/16″ slotted with 3″ shank, a 3/16″ slotted with 6″ shank, a 1/4″ slotted, a #1 Phillips, and a #2 phillips. 

Everyone needs at least one set of good screwdrivers, I’ve been buying more Klein tools recently and i’m very happy with the quality.  Of course, you can see the focus on electrical work with all those slotted screwdrivers.  But you’ve probably got more Phillips than slotted now anyway, so it’ll balance out, right?

Screwdriver Set #85076 [Sears]
Klein Screwdriver Set [All2ools]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]


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