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We met these guys at Maker Faire, and finally had the chance to check out their website now that we’re back.  They’ve got all kinds of great stuff, ranging from iPod connectors and breakout boards to electronic components and microprocessors — including all sorts of stuff you’ll never find at your local shop.

At Maker Faire they brought a picture frame Tetris game they built using various components they sell.  It used 16 microcontrollers, 720 LEDs, and 1,300 lines of code, and it worked — as you can see from the video above.

I love finding places like this, because I’m convinced that half the battle in completing any particular project is knowing where to source your parts.  It doesn’t matter if you’re doing an engine swap or building a robot, if you can’t find the parts, you’re boned.  We have a big file here in the Toolmonger office where we stash every cool place we come across, then we dig in it whenever we need something.  Sparkfun hit the file about ten seconds after I visited their site.

Sparkfun Electronics [Corporate Site]


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  1. Leslie says:

    How totally cool is THAT? Anyone else who is interested, here’s the sparkfun website where they describe in detail how they made this – and mention that they could make you one for around $1500.


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