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Taper Jig

I found this taper jig over in the Rockler clearance section for just $15.  It can cut tapers at 3″ per foot (or a 15-degree slope).  The sliding scale makes accurate cuts at the desired angle pretty easy, and the jig is 23″ in length.  Rockler says it’ll work on either side of the fence.

Precision Taper Jig [Rockler]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]


3 Responses to Dealmonger: Taper Jig $14.99

  1. gillsans says:

    Either side of the fence? Mexico?

  2. Pete Hartman says:

    It’s too short to be terribly useful. I have one. If you make small pieces, go for it. If you need any length, you’ll have to find another solution. Table legs for example, would need to be mighty short to fit on it.

    I do a lot of renovation on my house, as it was badly rehabbed about 4 years before I bought it. I like the peaked top trim on my doorways, but since they cut in drywall all around it, I find myself having to make new trim and shimming it out to the level of the drywall. Have to make the new pieces a bit larger, not to mention they’re in lousy shape anyway. I ended up building a 4′ bandsaw taper jig (scaled up from one in a project article or woodworking book somewhere) to be able to cut the tapers reliably, and they’re not even all that complicated–tapering a board for trim is much easier than table legs etc.

  3. Chris Murray says:

    I have the exact same taper jig, purchased from Lee Valley. It works great for small projects like the previous commenter said.

    It will work on either side of the fence, but you have to reassemble it to change its orientation.

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