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Those who sign up in time — and are willing to make the trip to Warren, Maine — can join Deneb Puchalski for Lie Nielson introductory hand planning skills workshop in June.  In July, Christopher Schwarz will be there, too, schooling eager attendees in the ever-popular project of building a workbench.

According to Lie Nielson, space is limited, and the experience will set you back $50.  But considering the topics, I’d love to sit in and soak up some wood working wisdom.  It’s a sure bet there will be Lie Nielsen tool reps lurking about the workshop — and there are worse things than folks with good tools willing to let you handle a few before you buy.  Check out the Lie Nelson site for details.

Lie Nielsen Workshops [Lie Nielsen]


One Response to Lie Nielsen Woodworking Workshops

  1. Leslie says:

    What I wouldn’t give to find a master craftsman/carpenter who would teach workshops like these (or take me on as an apprentice) here in southern Delaware…

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