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Greg DiBernardo over at JLC online wrote a great article on drywall finishing for small projects.  His through rundown lists everything from what tools you need to how to get the best finish fast without snapping clean through your budget. He writes:

“As a self-employed remodeler, I often take on small interior projects that require hanging and finishing no more than a few sheets of drywall.  Since I’ve never found a drywall contractor who would show up to do these small jobs, I’ve learned how to get them done myself.  I’m nowhere near as efficient as a professional finisher, so I still sub out the big jobs.  But when I’m remodeling a bathroom or a small kitchen, it’s nice to know that I don’t have to wait on someone else for the drywall.  Also, these rooms get closer visual scrutiny than most; I like being confident when I put down the sanding pole that the walls are perfectly smooth.”

If you’re considering a remodel or teardown of a room in your casa, stop by and check out Greg’s article.  It’ll save you some time and cash.

Drywall Finishing For Small Jobs [JLC Online]


2 Responses to JLC Online’s Take on Small Drywall Finishing Projects

  1. Leslie says:

    Wonderful article and just in time – we have a bunch of fixups/touchups to do in our previously-gutted-and-drywalled house, and as someone who has always owned old houses with lathe & plaster with just one short venture into a mid-century beach cottage with paneling over block, this is definitely a skill I need to work on. He must have been watching me as he described mistakes that folks who are new to drywalling typically make.

  2. nrChris says:

    I was able to attend a JLC Live trade show in Providence a couple of months ago. A really cool resource, since then I have been checking them out in print and online regularly. Good article.

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