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We’ve personally be fans of the Flymo for some time, but it seems like the Brits want to keep all that orange Flymo coolness tending lawns under the Union Jack alone.  OK, maybe under the Union Jack and what seems like every other flag in the world save the stars and stripes. 

The Flymo brand has been around for decades and from what we can see they’ve put some hardcore design work into their offerings.  Their product line doesn’t stop at mowers, either, extending to include hedge trimmers, blowers, and lawn vacuums.  Oh yeah, there’s also the Visimo, which looks like a tiny formula-one racer with a rice rocket wing on the back, too. 

We would love to see some Flymo products on this side of the pond, but we’d like to know what you think.  Are they hot enough to make it in the good ‘ole US of A or not? Let us know in comments, especially if you’ve had experience with ’em.

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57 Responses to Hot or Not: Flymo Across The Sea?

  1. SlowJoeCrow says:

    Flymo did sell in the US in the early 80s. Consumer Reports actually tested one, but didn’t like it. The main objection was that the mower was difficult to keep straight (no wheels, so no tracking).

  2. I used Flymo lawn mowers as a kid, they were great, they had a blade that was made of plastic like a strimmer/weed wacker which meant you didn’t run the risk of cutting your toes or the cable, in england its 240v . So all the kids would be cutting the lawn on a sunday. I remember powering it up, watching it float and then spinning around in circles, it would glide around and around.

  3. James says:

    Lee Valley is now carrying the Flymo “Silent Reel Mower”, which looks pretty sweet:


  4. Wayne D. says:

    Wicked! Those crazy Brits. They need to team up with a well known American brand before they could probably sell well here.

  5. perry says:

    I want a xl 500 hover mower. I can’t anyone to sell me one. Why can’t it be sold under the Husky brand? they are orange and the same mother company owns both bands.

    • Crispin Etherington says:

      Do you think that there would be a ready market if imported into the US. Would the preference be for gas (petrol) or electric.

  6. schadenfreunde314 says:

    I emailed them asking if they were available in the US, here is their curious response:
    Thank you for your recent communication and your interest in our products.
    Please accept our apologies for the delay in replying to your email.

    Regrettably we do not sell electric products in the USA. This is for a number of reasons.

    We no longer hold a license to export products to the USA. We did sell there in the late 80’s and early 90’s, but the demand was mainly for petrol products even though the electric machines were built specifically for the States. In addition, no one was willing to handle the Aftersales backup of the electric products.

    The type of lawn grass in the USA differs greatly from that of the lawn grass in the UK, consequently an electric hover doesn’t perform in the same way or give the same quality of cut. This knowledge was gained from contact with a consumer who had bought a Flymo hover lawnmower with a 240v motor in the UK, and then took it to the USA. He did have a 3 phase outlet which supplied 240v, he tried the machine a few times but found it would not cut as well as he had seen in the UK. He contacted us and luckily we had an experimental 120v motor which we sent to him. After fitting the new motor he found the machine would still not perform as it had in this country.
    The only conclusions we could arrive at for the poor performance was either, the condition of his lawn, or the type of grass which made up his lawn.

    Therefore, we regret we are unable to assist you further but trust the above explanation clarifies the situation.

  7. Stan Rodgers says:

    I write this with tears in my eyes. My Flymo hover mower burned out yesterday, after eight years cutting some real rough grass and bits o concrete.
    I bought it it here in Spain from an English household supplies shop having previously used one in U.K.
    I use the electric hover on my own patch for ease. There is no trouble starting and as it floats, no effort pushing.
    I used to maintain the Community petrol mowers. Now I take the easy way.
    My current problem is the freight from U.K. for a new motor is as much as the motor. I will probably uy a new hover if somebody is coming down by car for holiday. MY XPERIENCE IS WITH THE 1400 WATT MOTOR.
    They do plenty of models ith wheels for direction and back roller fo stripes.

  8. IanP says:

    Ok, a few points…. the Flymo concept is Scandinavian in origin, not British.. so maybe it would be worth contacting the parent company?

    And it’s more a case of the US keeping them out, rather then the British not letting them go.

    They are incenentally, wonderful for moving a slope…. stand at the top, lower the Flymo on its cord, then start swinging, back and forth, pendulum style. You can also use them for mowing ponds, if you feel so inclined… but the electric version isn’t recommended for that… 🙂

  9. Peter says:

    I really wish you could get hover mowers here in the states. I used to use them in South Africa. They were infinitely easier and more pleasant to use than any other kind of mower. The one drawback being that there was no way to collect the cuttings. So that meant you had to go around afterwards raking them up if you wanted to use them for compost.

  10. Brian Lock says:

    I have tried to purchase a Flymo in the States but just got a one line reply from Husqvarna: “Flymo product is not available in the US.” If they come on the market here, please tell me!

    (ex-pat Brit)

  11. glenn says:

    I have been using the same 2 cycle gas powered Flymo since 1979, wouldnt have anything else!

  12. greg converse says:

    I inherited a flymo hover lawnmower when I purchased my home on a Michigan inland lake. I have used it for over 20 years in addition to how long the original owner used it. It runs on mixture of gasoline and oil has has a steel blade. It has worked exceptionally until yesterday when the black circular air foil under the housing and above the blade broke. The engine still runs fine.

    Anyone know where or if parts can be gotten for this?

  13. Gareth Evans says:

    Bring them over. Always used a Flymo in the UK and can’t find one here in MD.

  14. Sue Strommen says:

    I had a small Flymo hover that I loved. No smell. No gas. Almost no noise. Weighed next to nothing. Hung on a wall. Worked great. Had a friend moving to Vegas (small yard) so gave it to him as a gift. Then found I couldn’t buy another here in the US. Bummer.

  15. Just Jeff says:

    1. Flymo was rep’d in the US in the 60 & 70’s by Toro, just didn’t sell well enuf.
    2. Methinks the reason theyr’e not for sale here is liability laws, we are much more open then most countries.
    3. A friend of mine mows a hill on his prop. in Mich. by tieing a rope on his Flymo’s handle and swinging the mower laterally from the hilltop.
    4. There are one or two domestic manf. of hover mowers, very expensive, mostly for golf courses. I beleive one is called Allen.
    5. Even very used ones are hugely overpriced on ebay.

  16. Robet says:

    I have 2 cycle noma flymo – Canada. Unfortunatly, the lift fan let go while being used, and got chopped up pretty good by the blade. Are these fans still available? The model # decal is damaged so it is not readable.

  17. carson says:

    I had a chance to try one out when I visited my relatives in Scottland. I was Thriteen years old and it was the first time lawn care provided some amusment to me. I’m 26 now and have my own place with a small backyard. I cant imagine anything better than a flymo cutting my lawn.

  18. Jo Ann says:

    Loved using these when I lived in the UK for 8 years and wish I could buy one in Oregon. So easy for a lady to whizz around her yard and whack down weeds and grass and even small rocks that get in her way…ha ha. So quiet, so clean, so easy to empty…nothing like that in the US.

  19. John Schaefer says:

    Flymo, Flymo Wherefore art thou, Flymo? I had a Flymo in the late 80s and early 90s, loved the thing, it was by far the best mower I have ever owned for a small yard. Now that I am in a house with a small yard again, I have looked high and low for an electric Flymo. I have found gas powered ones several places, but sadly no electric ones that will function here in the US.

  20. Chris says:

    John Schaefer: Your post implies you’ve found some electric ones that (you think) *won’t* function here. What’s the impediment to their use? If it’s lack of a 220V outlet with the proper plug shape, I can think of some easy ways around that little problem…


    • SteveP says:

      The problem may have something to do with the motors being designed for use with 50 Hz AC as used in GB as opposed to 60 Hz in the US. I had a Flymo in the late 70’s. It certainly made it much easier to talk the kids into mowing.

  21. gina says:

    I also have a flymo model HVT 40. Mine has the short cords on it but sadly we cannot find replacement cords now. We can’t seem to find parts even through Husqvarna who is the “manufacture” or seller at the time. Does anyone out there know why parts are not even available????

  22. Laura says:

    I’m originally from the UK and all I used out there was the flymo. It was so easy to get around the garden and meant that I could add interest to the garden without wondering whether a bulky mower could fit into the gaps.. Now I have a mower that I can barely get around the garden and feel like my biceps will pop after mowing the lawn. I really can’t believe they are not big in the states. The ones that I have seen cost a ridiculous amount of cash, yet in the UK they’re ‘cheap as chips’.. I would love this product in the states.. Not everyone has acres of land needing a big mower!

  23. Janice says:

    I’m originally from the UK and all I used out there was the flymo. (as Laura above). It’s light and easy to use. No weight at all. They are cheap and blades are ridiculously cheap. Why won’t they market them in the USA. Is it because supliers can’t make enough money. They would sell millions and earn millions.

  24. Bob says:

    I owned one, in the mid to late 70s, that I bought at J.C. Penney’s. Neat machine – especially for the banks leading down to a canal in my Florida yard. Don’t know what ever happened to that thing. I bought two machines (one in running conditiion) last week, at a flea market. $75.00 for the two. Took them to the largest, most established small engine repair shop, in this area. The older man, who owns the shop, had never seen one before. I’m hoping to get one really good one, out of it, and keep the other for spare parts. I see that newer versions are on sale for $700.00.

  25. Bob says:

    Gina – If you’re still looking for engine parts, the guy working on my machines says the older engines were built by Tecumseh. No idea if he is correct.

  26. rohmell Brills says:

    I have a TORO Flymo 19 made in 1965, works great, still has great compression and is used weekly. The engine is a Tecumseh T633-58A.

  27. rohmell brills says:

    BTW, replacement impellers are available on eBay, but they are for the newer models. Possibly can be retrofitted to the TOROs.

  28. wardoe says:

    I used a flymo back in the 70s when I was still in England…I love them, I have been trying to find one here for years, but no luck so far.

    wardoe USA.

  29. Clyde Potts says:

    I am restoring a 1965 Toro Flymo , as is Rohmell Brills . Does anyone out there have a TORO FLYMO , and shows ALL the words on the OIL and GAS MIXTURE decal that is on TOP of the Tank ? I need ALL the words that is on the TOP decal ,then i can get a sign shop to Reproduce the decal for me . The rest of the DECALS on my mower are being reproduced now . Thanks Clyde Potts, Wooster Ohio

  30. Baker says:

    Iwas looking for rain barrels and saw this! I have been looking for a flymo for my dad for several years. It was the best mower he’s ever had(for cutting around our two large ponds). I found one at a yard sale several years ago and he used the old one for parts, It ran for several years. It was the original orange with steel blades. It was light weight-very easy to use. The US changed the laws and said no steel blades. Now they are plastic string:( He broke down and bought a husquavarna that is similar-TOO HEAVY-hurts his arms. If anyone out there wants to get rid of an old Flymo hover, email me at lbaker@laca.org

  31. dan hazlett says:

    did you find the wording for your decals? i have a toro flymo that is still new in the box and could look . it is the light tan color
    the box is pretty neat also–it has the flymo flying through space– kind of like the old george jetson cartoon show

  32. Clyde Potts says:

    I have my 1965 Toro Flymo all restored and ready for showing .I did not get the Handlebar rechromed ,but just used spray Chrome paint on it . I was able to get a local Shop to make All new decals for me. If anyone has a 1965 Toro Flymo and needs any decal for it, i have extra ones.

    • John Sharp says:

      Hello; I’m John in Virginia and am restoring a very well used tan (beige) color TORO 19 Flymo. My decals are either completely missing or chewed and faded. Do you still have extras for sale? Appreciate any response! Thanks!

    • Julie Martin says:

      AM currently restoring my dads old 1965 flymo by Toro-lots of good memories-saw your post-am missing the gas can decal and the bull in front has a crinkled horn-would be fantastic if you coould possibly help me out-thank-you julie martin 701 306-4707-restoring hints would also be helpful- i think i have done well so far

  33. billy says:

    i have a flymo from 1979 and was wondering what it is worth? anyone have any idea

  34. Frank Pearman says:

    This winter I needed replacement shear pins for my snowblower. In the local dealers shop I noticed a secondhand gas powered hover mower not a flymo. I told the owner I was looking for an electric hover mower, used them in England for many years. He replied he had one hanging up in the back of his shop, been there for years. We got it down pluged it in and it ran fine. So purchased it a GLE 15″ from the style and from the blogs I guess its at least 30 years old. Only plan to use it in one small area where it slopes and the size and shape of the lawn makes using my propelled gas mower difficult to use. So there are a few out there hidden away, but for a new one look for a country that has 110V 50Hz supply UK has 240V 60Hz supply.

  35. Graham Ruse says:

    I have a 1987 (I think) G19 Gas Noma Flymo. It has a 19″ cut and is 3.5hp. I still works great. I had to swap out the on/off switch, but besides that everything is orginal. Does anybody have an idea what I could get for it?

  36. Barry Atkins says:

    What a fantastic little site. I moved to the US in July from the UK and have searched high and low for a Flymo.I too cannot understand why they are not here in the US as I know they would do well.I live near a lake and thought it would be ideal to have a Flymo for the bank at the foot of my garden but cannot find one for love nor money. If I were to find one the chances are it would be a petrol driven one.Please can someone bring Flymo to the US? Is Richard Branson into lawn mowers do you think?

  37. Dot says:

    I too had a Flymo in California in the 80’s. Loved it, lost it moving. Recently found that I did need a lawnmower, and found that you can not purchase them in the United States for love or money. Why????? It was lightweight, easy for an elderly woman to use. I understand that the metal blades are not legal for us in the United States. Then why do all other lawn mowers have them?

  38. steve says:

    does anyone know if I purchase a flymo from the uk and have it sent to the states will it work here using an electric adaptor?

    • Warren says:

      You can get them from Amazon.co.uk or B and Q’s next time you visit UK as the postage to get it here would be insane. You then need a 110v to 220/240v inverter. You’ll be in for about $100 when all done.

  39. Patrick says:

    I am now on my second flymo, both gas powered. Like them both very much especially for doing steep banks. However I now need a 19″ blade and wonder where I may find one. The make of my mower is Noma.



  40. Colin says:

    Been living in the US for the past 12 years. Difficult to find an electric mower in the stores here, let alone a hover mower. I have a steep ditch that takes me several hours to ‘weed whack’. I would love a Flymo and often think about the one that I had in another lifetime, back in the UK. Difficult to mow ditches are in plentiful supply throughout the South Eastern US and there surely is a market for Flymo here. Electric mowers are more energy conscious and there is a growing trend towards energy conservation over here. I would say though that any Flymo coming over here would have to have a decent enough power rating to tackle a lot of the coarse weeds that we have and likely tough but sharp plastic or steel blades. There are one or two competitors here but they have gasoline hover mowers and are not widely available and are heavy. Flymo would definitely have an advantage. So please re-consider trying to break into the US market.

  41. Rita says:

    We had a hover-mower in the UK- so great. These would be so popular in California. Electric- no fumes and quieter. The right marketing and getting them out there so neighbors can see them-they’d sell so well. Get them into Home Depot and Lowes. As for a Robot-Mower-Silicon valley loves the new and novel and green.
    Get them over here ASAP

  42. Buck says:

    I can sum up the reason we no longer have Flymo’s here in the U.S.,in one word, “LAWYERS”. Flymo got tired of defending themselves from frivolous lawsuits. As long as there money to sue for, there are no accidents or personal responsibility. Slowly but surely, every freedom we enjoy will be taken by lawyers.

  43. Harrier says:

    I love the Flymo Hover mowers. I used them all the time in England…. but alas, I now live in California and can’t get one for love or money. Hell, I would even sign a waver that I wouldn’t try suing them. Why would I anyway when I love their product. In CA we like quiet and that is exactly what a Flymo is.

  44. Ian says:

    I used a hover mower in the UK that captured the trimmings and puts stripes on my lawn. I do not understand why they don’t sell them here in California. Americans are all about making life easy. There is nothing easier than a flymo.

    Now the internet is around maybe flymo should try again and just ship via online to US Customers.

  45. Robert says:

    Like everyone else I had a Flymo in the UK. Now I have a wheeled monstrosity that even though a small one is still a struggle to push and maneuver around our small garden in Hawaii. I have racked my brain trying to figure out how to make a UK electric Flymo (which is easy to buy and ship from the UK) work off our electric supply. We have 240 v in the US – for things like driers and water heaters, and it would be easy to hook up 240 v. The problem is that we have 60 Hz, whereas the UK has 50 Hz, so when hooked up to a US 240 v supply the motor will go 20% faster, and no doubt burn out, at least that is what I am assuming. Does anyone know a way to modify the mower or the electrical supply to make it run at the correct speed?

    Bring Flymos to teh US – please!!

  46. Fred Hunt says:

    We have used Flymos in the UK for at least 40 years and love them. Bought a wheeled mower for our fairly small lawns in the US but it’s heavy and won’t go into the storm ditch. Why can’t I get a Flymo in the US? Can I make my 240v UK machine work on 110v?

  47. David Strafford says:

    I live in the UK, but have a vacation home in Ohio (my wife being a Ohioan). I tend spend a lot of time doing property repairs and ground maintenance when over – geez is it good growing country!!!

    My property has a very steep grass covered hill and it has proven impossible to source a lawn mower that is capable of safely coping with the gradient. Gas powered mowers are the norm, and even a so-called lightweight will skid and slip and slide down the hill, trying to take the user with it.

    Lawn care contractors visit once and never return.

    It has got to the point where I am considering tiered decks or a series of plateaued retaining walls, which will be expensive, and frankly overkill.

    Flymo’s are simply not available in the US. I have spoken to equipment suppliers, some of who recall there being available in the 80’s and say they were no more than toys (cue US preference for big beefy gas engines!)and they didn’t stripe lawns – so didn’t sell.

    My garage has a 220 outlet, so in a last ditch attempt and to satisfy my curiosity I am going to take over a Flymo Glidemaster 340 on my next trip over at Easter.

  48. Mr Edd says:

    I too am an expat Englishman now living in Florida on ten acres with a two acre lake. The water level rises and falls between the dry season and wet season, so the banks are exposed and grow. I have wanted a Flymo for some time to tackle this job as I know it would do just fine.

    After searching for a long time I came to the conclusion that a fully imported one was the only way to go and it had to be electric to handle the steep banks. I am now 73 years old and do not want to struggle with a heavy gas engine.

    Word of warning to those talking about rewiring to use on USA 240 power. This will not work and may blow the electric motor up. My limited understanding of USA 240 power is that it is delivered via the two bottom pins on power plug and not like the rest of the world which uses one power pin and one return pin plus the ground. So beware of this.

    I have just bought and had delivered a Draper hover mower, 1100 what lightweight and I am sure will be a dream to use. I assembled it this morning straight out of the box, proudly plugged it in with the supplied adaptor and nada nothing happened. It was advertised that it would run off USA 110v but it didn’t. I guess I am going to have to get in touch with the supplier and discuss this issue.

    I am blessed with a step up and step down transformer. I brought a lot of my hand tools from the U.K. so on discovering that the USA 240v system will not run my tools I acquired the transformer which works fantastic. So I plugged the Draper into the transformer and it works fantastic.

    The unfortunate thing is I will now have to lug the transformer around with me as I mow the banks of the lake.

    The Draper Hover Mower is available on Amazon for about $300.00 including delivery from the U.K., but you may also need the step up step down transformer also from Amazon. I bought the 3000 what version as the transformer has to deliver the power to get any machine to start working, then it copes very well with the demand. I have some pretty heavy duty tools from the U.K. with which I have built a large garage and a substantial bridge across to a small island in the lake. I have not once been let down by any tools or the transformer.

    I hope the above has been helpful to anyone contemplating purchasing an electric hover mower from the U.K.


  49. Diane M. Welty says:

    I had a lovely little Flymo for years in Virginia. It never failed, unlike my John Deere. Electric, so no problems starting, no fumes, so economical to run. Unfortunately when I moved to Hawaii it was left behind: Now I realize what a huge mistake I made. ‘Come back Little Flymo.’ Probably one of the main reasons the sellers of this beautifully designed piece of machinery is, they do not wear out,so few parts, so no money to be made on repairs or parts etc.

  50. Nigel says:

    I used to have a great Flymo when I lived in England. It vacuumed up the grass and would run fine over longer grass and when it was slightly damp. I find wheeled mowers keep stalling out under these conditions. I have a small Flymo here in Canada, but it is very old and doesn’t pick up the grass. Still, I prefer using it over the wheeled Black & Decker one that I have.

  51. David says:

    Any update on if a flymo/hovermower is available to purchase in USA or if I buy a UK machine how do I make the power supply work?

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