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According to Sears, the Craftsman brand launched in 1927, and they’re celebrating their 80th year of operation with a bevy of “limited edition” tools — mostly stuff they’re already selling, but with special markings.

Our favorites:

  • The 80th Anniversary Capwrench Bottle Opener, $7.50
  • An 80th Anniversary Neon Clock, $40
  • And a 196-piece 80th Anniversary Mechanics Tool Set, $200

There’s lots more, of course.

80th Anniversary Craftsman Tools [Sears]


8 Responses to Craftsman 80th Anniversary Tools

  1. Dave R says:

    As much as I hate Sears customer service I still love the tools. However, If you purchase the 196 piece set make sure everything is there. I would recommend you check it while still in the store. Customer service recommends that as well. I had a few missing pieces in my set. But not exactly, my set had the correct number of pieces but some of them were duplicates. After calling the store, visiting the store and calling the customer service number, everyone I dealt with told me that it was not possible that it happened. I was told I could exchange the set BUT all of the listed pieces needed to be in the box. What a catch 22…. I think this will be the last Sears tool I purchase. (My son who questioned me as to why I didn’t purchase my tools from Home Depot, now gets to be smug with his I told you so. He is only 8. It will be a long 10 years.)

  2. Old Donn says:

    I’m not big on special addition anything, especially tools. They’re gonna take a beating around the shop/garage, even if you’re careful. And if you’ve got to return a broken piece from this set, the replacement won’t have the special edition crest on it. It’ll be right off the shelf. The nicest feature of this set is the newer thin profile ratchets instead of the standard issue quick release models. They’re longer and have a shorter swing arc as well.
    Home Depot tools? If you don’t mind stuff made in China, go for it. Seen the Husky display lately? It gets smaller all the time. They tried going head to head with Craftsman some years back and lost. Sears/Craftsman ain’t perfect by a long shot, but I’m betting Dave R. will be back before too long. If not, there’s always MAC or Snap-on.

  3. Steve Thompson says:

    The CapWrench is the greatest tool ever! What a hoot! I now own 3!

  4. Steve Thompson says:

    Do the 80th Anniversary sockets have the Hi-visibility (large) lettering? That’s one of Craftsman’s greatest innovations of late and a real value over just a commemorative stamp. Does anyone know if these have the big lettering?

  5. Steve Thompson says:

    Sorry for the run-on-comment, I don’t think I can edit my previous comments, but the sale includes a 125-piece 80th set for $129 but you can get this 155-piece easy-to-read (answered my own question about the labels on the 80th sets) set also for $129. This would be my choice.


  6. Steve O says:

    Mechanics tools at Home Depot ???? Yuck!

  7. Chuck Cage says:

    SteveO: Actually, Husky’s offerings aren’t bad. I have a few and have had pretty good luck with ’em.

  8. Stuey says:


    The personalized anniversary 125 piece set is $129. BUT the same non-personalized 125 piece set (high visability with “special anniversary logo etched on every socket”) is $80 on sale.


    Also, here’s a better 155 piece set than the one you linked to:


    Why is it better? Because this is the one that you can find in stores (as opposed to mail-order only), and it’s on sale for $99 almost all the time.

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