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Here’s our new friend Eugene with a telescope he and some students from around the Bay Area built entirely from scratch.  The kicker: it’s computer controlled so it can be tele-operated.  Eugene’s dream is a world covered with these inexpensive, remote-controlled ‘scopes connected via a computer network so users can experience dark skies — somewhere in the world — any time of the day or night and even from urban areas.

Linuxastronomy.org [Eugene’s Site]


2 Responses to Build Your Own Remote-Controlled Telescope

  1. Leslie says:

    How wonderful! I’ve bookmarked the linuxastronamy site, along with a separate bookmark for their instructions for interfacing a linux box with a digital multimeter, as a source for ideas for group project topics for the linux class that I teach at the local community college.

    BTW, I’m thrilled that I was pointed to the toolmonger site. I am a total tool geek and love that this site includes all kinds of newfangled things, many standard tools including some of the basic basics (tape measures for example!), and some project descriptions. I expect that your logs will show me as being here until fairly late tonight, and as a daily visitor from here on – thanks so much for sugh a great site!

  2. jeff heath says:

    how do i control a teleascope from my computer

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