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These people from GreeneMotor brought out a number of motorcycles and scooters that they converted entirely to electric power.  They claim that you can ride 450 miles on a single dollar’s worth of juice — even at California rates.  Thumb your noses at the Prius crowd — you’re really green now.  At least you’d be the first person on your block with an almost totally silent ride.

GreeneMotor [Greenemotor.com]


5 Responses to All Electric Motorcycles And Scooters

  1. Kurt Schwind says:

    NOW you are talking and I just checked their site and they offer LED headlight options. Very cool. How about interviewing some of these guys in a future podcast?

  2. Brau says:

    Those batteries full of lead, cadmium, nickel, and acid … they have absolutely no environmental effect, right? Neither does generating the electricity they consume, I’ll bet. Funny how the “green” camp always likes to ignore these things.

  3. Chris S. says:

    From their website:
    • Warranty: One year exclude physical damages and the wear and tear items (tires/bulbs,etc.) battery warranty is limited to 5,000 mile or 6 month, whichever occurs earlier.

    Hope that battery lasts a hell of alot longer than 5k or 6months.

  4. Jeff says:

    does anyone notice that they only have a 40 mile range? and their specs dont include how long it takes to recharge it? Plus its 40 miles depending on the weight of the rider…so what a 260lb guy would only get 20 miles? or less? seems like a waste to me, props for the idea, but until they can approve the range ill be sticking to gas.

  5. Leslie says:

    I could definitely go for this if, as the other comments indicated, they could improve their range. I have a 1 mile commute to work and sometimes walking/biking just isn’t a realistic option. I’ve been considering a vespa, but this gives me a reason to hold out.

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