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I watched Tom roll up on his unorthodox wooden transportation, come to a stop, and hand it to the first person he came across — which just happened to be me!  With an easy smile, he explained that it’s just like a bike only simpler.  Deciding that I needed to be reassured about its operation before jumping on, however, I took a second look.  Tom pointed to the rear where you’d normally find a metal frame and normal bicycle parts and said, “It’s the bike that doesn’t have anything there.”  Then he flipped the rig over to illustrate that its “inner” workings consist only of plywood, a scooter steering handle, a few wooden brackets, and scattered bits of hardware connected to the outer plywood hull.


Semi-convinced of its function, I hopped on and took it for a spin.  Guess what?  It works!  It’s a little wobbly — OK, it’s a lot wobbly — but when I handed it off to the next person, I realized that this little bike’s unstable ride isn’t the point at all.  It’s a fun creation that Tom built to spark the curiosity and the kid inside all who see it.

“Besides,” Tom said, flipping the bike onto its flat back and setting it down, “it doesn’t go anywhere when you park it!”


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