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This is one of Tim Hunkins’ “arcade” machines.  The two seagulls rotate above the game and the screen below shows a downward view from the seagulls’ butts — complete with a target.  The player then presses a button to make the bird poop a mint candy.

Tim trained as an engineer, then moved on to cartooning and writing the famous “Secret Life of Machines” show.  Now he creates these cool, whimsical coin-operated arcade machines. 

This one was the only one portable enough to bring to Maker Faire, but some of his others include a dog walk simulator (in which both the user and the dog receive a point-of-view-based screen) and a vacation in chair experience (where the “player” receives the experience of an entire vacation in just a few minutes).  Most of his machines incorporate his stop-motion filmmaking work.

Good stuff!


3 Responses to Tim Hunkin’s Air Raid Simulator

  1. David Moisan says:

    Awwwsome! I loved Secret Life of Machines! I must have watched his TV bonfire a dozen times!

  2. Toolaremia says:

    If you’ve never seen the Secret Life of Machines, you’ve *really* missed something special. Not only is it informative, but Tim’s techniques are eccentric and hilarious. To demonstrate the oil in an engine is under pressure, he drives a chisel into the oil filter on a running engine and gets covered in oil! All with a straight face! Very creative and entertaining. Tim is a true Renaissance man.

    You can download the series here:

    Tim’s website, where you can find Bittorrent links to the shows too:

  3. Super-late, but relevant, addition: “The Secret Life of Machines” remains legal to download for free, with Tim Hunkin’s blessing; I made a torrent of some nice high-quality rips:

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