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Our first thought when we saw this was that anyone who carries an adjustable wrench in a belt case has to be a cool guy.  Our second thought: this isn’t a bad idea.  The adjustable wrench is the original multi-tool and would be incredibly useful — like having a whole wrench set on your belt.

The case in the picture was custom made by a leather shop here in the Bay Area.  He uses it mainly to fix bikes, though he said it also comes in handy while rigging, as he never has to climb back down for a wrench.


4 Responses to Screw Knives And Multi-Tools! Carry An Adjustable Wrench Instead

  1. John says:

    My first thought when looking at this photo was that he’s armed! The waistband of his coat looks like handgrips on a pistol, and the length of the hoster completes the illusion.

    Expect a jumpy constable to look at you funny — at best!

  2. Lee Gibson says:

    Umm…isn’t that a Leatherman right next to the crescent wrench? Call me stupid…

  3. will says:

    Not stupid at all, it is a leatherman ..but while I can break many things loose with a multitool I can easily see where that would come in handy. I used to carry one of the 4in cresent wrenches until I lost it and haven’t found another.

  4. Teacher says:

    I have a 4″ crescent wrench also. Channellock brand from the ocal welding shop. Sears also sells the 4″ versions.

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