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The guys from Surplus Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, are set up just ten or fifteen feet from us at Maker Faire, and we got a chance to swing by this afternoon.  They carry all sorts of crazy stuff, including high-power hydraulic linear actuators. If you’re looking for high-end hydraulics for cheap, they look to be your source.  The best part, though: they have a catalog and do mail order.

The Surplus Center [Corporate Site]


4 Responses to A Source For Surplus Hydraulics, Pneumatics, And Motors

  1. Rob says:

    Surplus Center Rocks! Motors and controllers are mostly what I shop for there but about anything you need for your off-the-wall projects can be purchased there, often for really good prices.

  2. Eric G. says:

    I’m with rob on this one, everything I’ve ordered form surplus center has been great. especially the cheap hydraulics.

  3. Leslie says:

    While most little girls my age were immersed in the Sears catalog, geekgirl that I am, I always got lost in my dad’s surplus center catalog and have bought various gadgets from them over the years. If no one else has it, they will!

  4. Eric M. says:

    When it comes to hydraulics, cheap is not the ideal situation. I bought a cylinder once from these guys and it had scorch marks on it like it was in a fire or something. If you want cheap hydraulics, I guess they’re the ones you buy it from.

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