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Jason writes: “The Pro-Grip is a straight clamp that can function as a bar clamp, a straight tool guide for a circular saw or router, or a straightedge.  It comes in 25″, 37″, and 50” lengths.  I have all three, and love them.  I use the 50″ all the time to make straight cuts across 4′ x 8′ sheets of wood, and I use the 25″ and 37″ ones as guides for router runs, like making rabbets and dados.  I’ve read the occasional concern with guides like these that the clamp goes soft or becomes imprecise over time, but I’ve certainly never had a problem with that.  Once clamped, I’ve never had one of these move on me, and their manufacturing quality appears to be superb.”

These look quite versatile, and they’re available inexpensively from a wide variety of sources starting at around $25 and running up to $35 or so for the largest ones.  Have any of you other Toolmongers had some experience with these?

Street Pricing [Google Product Search]


One Response to An Inexpensive, Versatile Clamp

  1. Jason says:

    These are great, but if you’re looking to buy one, you might want to avoid Woodline.com. I ordered one of each size in mid-February, and the 50″ clamp was out of stock, so they back-ordered it for me. I still haven’t seen hide nor hair of the clamp, and it always takes me calling — once every few weeks — to find out if they’re even intending to ship it when it comes in. I now see that a few online stores show it in stock, but yet, I still don’t have the clamp… it’s seems to be amateur time at Woodline.

    But as I said, the clamps themselves are great.

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