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We asked all you Toolmongers out there about a couple of products recently, and here’s what you told us:

The Speed Rocker Drywall Knife: Hot.
Think of this sucker as a drywall multi-tool.  It does a little bit of everything, and it was definitely a hit with Toolmonger readers.

Gas Grills: Too close to call.
I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that our single question didn’t bring this age-old battle to an early end.  The thread’s still worth a look, though, as Toolmongers did a great job of breaking down when it’s best to own gas and when it’s best to own charcoal.

LED Flashlights: Hot.
The LED age has arrived — Toolmongers overwhelmingly like love LED flashlights.  Nuff said.

Workplace Storage Boxes: Hot.
Readers cleared up our misconception that these are designed to secure tools overnight.  As most comments show, these are much more commonly used to protect tools during the workday, and apparently they do a good job of it.

Attache Tool Cases: Not.
It looks like you share our concern about these cases’ inflexibility to handle different tool combinations.  Check comments for a few cases in which they seem to work, though

Extractor Nail Puller Pliers: Hot.
We were concerned about this tool’s high price, but most commenters say it’s worth the outlay.  As one reader said: “it does what it says on the box.”

TP Tools & Equipment: Hot, but relatively unknown.
Only one reader responded, indicating to us that TP Tools is still relatively unknown in our market — but the single response was positive.  I think we’re going to give these guys a shot with some of the car projects we have planned for later this summer.  We’ll get back to you and let you know how it goes.

Look for more Hot or Not soon!


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