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Great Neck PSO40 Hardware Machinery 40-Piece Socket Set

Amazon has this 40-piece socket set for $3.79 today.  It includes both standard and metric 1/4″ and 3/8″ drive sockets, a 3/8″ reversible ratchet, and a plastic case.  Of course, for this kind of price you can’t expect Snap-on quality, but it’d be a great emergency set for the car/truck — or a starter set for the kids, who’ll inevitably lose them. 

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6 Responses to Dealmonger: A 40-Piece Socket Set $3.79

  1. F says:

    I wouldn’t wish this set on anybody. My experience with low priced “tools” like these is they have horrible build qualilty. Sockets won’t always fit bolts, metal will deform quickly so you can’t put too much force through them and the rachet mechanism will fail when you most need it.

    As a toys for kids? Don’t you want to teach your kids the value of good tools? Why buy them crap? Teach them to take care of their tools instead of teaching them to lose and throw them out.

    If I get a set for an emergency, I want to be sure it’s going to work when I need it.

    I like this site, but I hate how you push crap. To me this isn’t a deal, but rather a gift you expect to receive when your inlaws find out your “handy”

  2. Eric G. says:

    I’m with F on this one, I’ve had a set like this fail on me (the socket actually deformed on me while trying to loosen a bolt), when I was in the middle of no where trying to put on my spare alternator belt. Now I only carry tools that I know that I can trust to get me out of a jam.

  3. eschoendorff says:

    Gotta side with F here too. I have one of those crappy sockets sets. the ratchet falls apart every three pulls and the socket don’t fit worth shit…

  4. Old Donn says:

    A no brainer. $4.00 is better spent at Starbucks. Craftsman sets like this are on sale all the time. Sure they cost more, but which one would you want to depend on?

    • ricky garrett says:

      id say the sockets are ok for light repair but the ratchet in this set looks like a POS id get rid of that ratchet and buy a craftsman or snapon

  5. Brau says:

    Even at a mere $4.00 a cheap rachet will do little else than leave you with cut knuckles from broken sockets and slipping ratchet mechanisms.

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