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Stuey writes: “I just read this brief article about color coding one’s tools.  The method described in the article is meant for wrenches, but it can probably be adapted for other tool types — any that are hard to read.”

While I found the article interesting, I have to admit that I’m a little lukewarm to the idea of a rainbow toolbox.  I keep my wrenches in an organizer, so it’s not that tough for me to find the proper size.  Of course, in a tool bag, this could be a lifesaver as you often end up rummaging around quite a bit to find what you need.

Either way, it’s an interesting read.

Color Coding Your Tools by Sheldon Brown [Harris Cyclery]


5 Responses to Color Coding Your Tools

  1. Scraper says:

    This would be good if you have young helpers on your projects. Telling little BillyBubba to grab the blue wrench would be easier than telling them you need a 7/16″.

    The color system reminds me of nutdrivers. My dad was an refrigeration repairman. And I started tagging along when I was pretty young. He was always asking me to hand him the red handle or yellow handled tools. I was much older before I realized that the colors indicated the size.

  2. false_cause says:

    Short of buying Barnett’s Manual, Sheldon Brown’s web site is the premier resource for bicycle maintenance, as far as I am concerned. I picked up this system from him for my metric tools and it’s great. I wish there was as simple a system for Imperial measures.

  3. BJN says:

    Yeah, I have oodles of time to color code my tools…

  4. Tim Underwood says:

    hmmm I can tell by looking at that nut that it takes a blue, or is it a red, no dammit its a yellow. mumbles Where’s the card with the color code on it, oh here under the car with me in the tool bag, along with the rest of the sockets. Sorry, too much extra effort.

  5. BC says:

    The only thing I do is spray my metric sockets with a coat of white paint so I can tell the difference quickly. We’re so engrained to call our hand tools by their sizes that it’s counterintuitive in most cases to call them by color.

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