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Bosch claims that due to their unique design, these new blades cut 30% faster and last longer, too.  The design consists of two main components: a wave-shaped abrasive application — designed to reduce surface contact and clear material and dust faster, like the flutes on a twist drill bit — and a cooling disc, which draws in cool air to keep the blade’s core cooler, reducing metal fatigue.

These are general purpose blades appropriate for cutting concrete, brick, limestone, sandstone, pavement, clay brick, and all sorts of masonry products.  Bosch offers 4.5″ through 9″ versions for angle grinders, cut off saws, and circular saws.

In fact, Bosch put up a whole website just focusing on these new blades, and it’s pretty cool.  There’s a video that shows some of the manufacturing process.  (It’s an awesome video, but once it gets past the manufacturing bit, it’s a little boring.)  There’s also a $25 rebate available on the site if you’d like to give one a try.

Speedwave Diamond Abrasive Blades [Bosch]


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  1. l_bilyk says:

    I’m skeptical… but then again Bosch has never made a product I didn’t like.

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