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We always enjoy TOH’s photo galleries, and this one caught our eye today: it’s titled (quite pithily) “Drill Bits Are Boring” and it covers a wide variety of bits that see everyday use around the house and shop including twist bits, brad points, boring bits, spades, and more.

If you’re new to the drill game, this’ll help you catch up and understand what each type of bit looks like, what materials it’s meant for, and how to use it.

Drill Bits Are Boring [This Old House]


7 Responses to This Old House: Drill Bits Every Homeowner Should Have

  1. William says:

    Wow This old House sure likes expensive drill bits.

  2. Tom says:

    Did I miss something or did they leave out hole saws?

  3. Steve Thompson says:

    No s**t they’re spending some bank on those bits. That said, I never know where to draw the line. I seem to always be buying those cheap titanium-nitride index sets from HF or Grizzly so I don’t feel bad whan it’s time to toss it (usually because I let it get dull and overheated it) but would I be better off to spend a little more for better bits that I would take better care of?

  4. Chuck Cage says:

    Steve: I feel your pain, too. My latest solution is to buy an inexpensive (read: less than $100) large twist bit set — like you described — then replace the bits that wear out with one-off good ones. I figure I get the best of both worlds — a cheap set that has every bit available and good ones for the ones that I use the most.

  5. Brau says:

    I just can’t justify expensive bits because even the best get dulled by hitting some concrete or over heating. My dad taught me how to sharpen bits (properly) by hand years ago and I am still using his old hand-me-down set of bits. I have only replaced the occasional short/broken bit and that could never equal the cost of one of those titanium kits..

  6. Douglas Kwan says:

    get a drill doctor for sharpening, youll love it

  7. Leslie says:

    I’m enamored by the cornering bit. Too pricey to buy, but I’ll wish I had it the next time I foolishly attempt to change the angle of the hole mid-drill and break yet another bit.

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