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Columbian 27200 12-Piece Clamp Assortment

Here’s a 12-piece assortment of clamps from Amazon for $16.09.  The set includes two 2″ C-clamps, two 4″ C-clamps, two 1″ spring clamps, two 2″ spring clamps, two 18″ bar clamps, and two 24″ bar clamps.  All clamps have a lifetime warranty, assuming you can find the manufacturer at some future date.

As always, it’s impossible to vouch for the quality of these clamps.  But 12 clamps for $16?  Might be worth a risk.

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6 Responses to Dealmonger: A 12-Piece Clamp Set for $16

  1. Jason says:

    I actually own this set, and it’s pretty reasonable in terms of quality. I use the bar clamps all the time and find them to be perfectly sufficient for the kinds of stuff I do — building boxes for the odd built-in or bit of furniture, that sort of thing. Same thing with the C-clamps — you’ll frequently see them holding my sliding compound miter saw to my workbench, or a piece of plywood to my workbench as I route an edge or something…

  2. jeff says:

    hmmmm… 16$ for the clamps and 12$ for S & H = ~30$. Still worth it?

  3. Jay S says:

    These clamps look almost identical to the clamps you can buy at harbor freight . The bar clamps are a different color, but look to be otherwise identical. I bought my 24″ clamps for like $2.50 on special. They have been ok, but not great. The c-clamps have been fine, and the spring clamps (a set of 12 spring clamps for like $3) have been pretty good as well.

    My advice – skip the Amazon (unless you get free shipping), and go to HF on a sale day (or not) and buy the c clamps and spring clamps. The bar clamps you have to buy on a sale day to get value, otherwise go for a more reputable brand. C clamps and springs are more basic and are great at HF

  4. JasonY says:

    Gaaaah! If this set is anything like you buy at harbor freight I would avoid (unless you really, really need them). I bought them a few years ago and they’re all rusted out. Not a big deal except that they get rust on my wood when I use them. I have to be careful not to let them touch the finished surfaces.


  5. Steve Thompson says:

    I’ve always turned to HF for clamps, but as clamping technology has moved ahead, HF has fallen behind. HF is good for wood screw clamps, C-clamps and spring clamps, but I’ve had horrible results with their bar clamps and don’t even try to trust a HF quick-grip type clamp.

    Not a lot to screw up (no pun intended) in a C-clamp, but add any sort of ratchet device and I’ve learned not to cheap out.

  6. Arnold says:

    I have this same set of clamps, great deal for a starter set or spares. These are much better than the black and orange trigger style ones that Harbor Freight sells. Like others have posted, stay away from HF’s quick grip, trigger style clamps. The c-clamps and spring clamps are sturdy. Also, I saw this exact set at Home Depot or Lowes (can’t remember) for around $20.

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