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The Minwax Project Planner is a great way for noobs (or seasoned vets) to suss out wood and stain color choices before starting a project, avoiding the mental gymnastics of guessing what the color on the can will look like on wood and how that color will look in their painted room.

To use the project planner, you’ll need to know a little bit about your project, like what type of wood you plan to use and what wall color and accent color you have in the room where you’ll place it.  The planner takes in this information and shows you a simulated image of your room with furniture stained to your specs.  You can select from any of Minwax’s many stain products.

Project Planner [Minwax]


2 Responses to Make It Right With The Minwax Project Planner

  1. Leslie says:

    Hmmm… I’ve bookmarked this but I’d really like to know how well it worked out from folks who have used it.

  2. Martha Bueckert says:

    I stripped a table & 6 chairs, then used Mini wax. Best job ever. I’m doing another table in chairs with the mini wax – no fuss, no mess, just rub it on, wipe it back and you’re done.

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