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Need multiple outlets and GFCIs from your jobsite generator in no time flat?  The Xtreme box portable power distribution unit from Coleman Cable breaks out a 50 amp 125V or 250V power supply into six straight blade, 20 amp, 125V standard outlets for power tools and other gear.  And though it’s intended for use with a generator, you can plug it into any onsite outlet as well.

For heftier power requirements, it also features a NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) rated 30 amp, 250V locking outlet.  All outlets are circuit breaker protected and the six 125V outlets are GFCI protected with weather-resistant covers.  The safety retina burning yellow box is made from heavy-gauge steel and a reinforced sled base keeps the box off the ground during wet conditions.

As scary as it might sound, its $468 price tag isn’t really that much when you consider that this is a serious piece of gear that provides safe power in not so safe conditions.  The alternative?  Just take your chances.  Ouch!

Xtreme Box [Coleman Cable]
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  1. allen singleton says:

    johnny 5 is looking like something is wrong with his iron liver.

  2. Stuey says:

    Haha – I saw the same resemblance.

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