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Very simply put, Bruce Herbert is an artist.  But his creations aren’t made on paper, with a brush, or even out of ice.  They’re made with wood and a chainsaw. Bruce can take an old stump or dead tree and carve it into an expressive work of art.

There must be a certain sense of pride that comes from arriving to an ugly stump and walking away leaving a larger-than-life masterpiece carved out of solid wood with a chainsaw.  If it was me, I’d have cut myself (or the tree) in half after the first dozen cuts or so.

His site features many exsamples of his truly cool carving, but be careful: after visiting Bruce’s site I was moved to start a carving project of my own — on a smaller scale of course.  His work is infectious!  He even talks about overcoming his life long fear of the chainsaw he uses to create his work.  Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

Tree Carving [Bruce Herbert]


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