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We dig the Shop-Vac Blower System’s Transformer-like vibe: it starts off as a normal wet/dry vacuum (with a 4-1/2 hp motor and 12 gallon capacity bucket), but the motor in the top separates to become a detachable leaf blower.

Sure, your Shop-Vac blows, too.  But this one’s a little different.  Its head is completely removable via a pair of side clips that release with just a push.  The 18′ power cord is attached to the blower, so there’s no extra hassle plugging it in, either; just attach your preferred length of blower tube and a nozzle and you’re ready to go — provided whatever you want to blow around is less than 18′ from a power outlet.

One complaint, though: if the demonstration video on the Shop-Vac site had the shown someone blowing sawdust out of the garage and into the neighbor’s yard while holding a cold beer — instead of vaccuming up bark and blowing leaves around — we’d probably be more inspired to part with $145.  We’re just sayin’.

Shop Vac Blower [Shop Vac]
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7 Responses to This Shop-Vac Blows (But In A Good Way)

  1. Rick says:

    that’s not really anything new..
    My dad’s ~10 year old Craftsman does that..

  2. Steve Thompson says:

    Agree. Nothing new. I have this one, and only $120.


  3. eschoendorff says:

    Again… what these guys said – I have one too and it will NOT die! I’ve even used it to vacuum up antifreeze .

  4. DaveD says:

    Yep….my Ridgid does that too.

  5. Fletcher says:

    I’ve got one too, paid $85 or so for it 3 years ago. Still haven’t used it as a blower though.

  6. Robert Blackmon says:

    A 29 AMP shop vac???? not likely…

    4.5HP=3356 watts
    3356 watts at 115 volts= 29 amps

    marketing departments have no clue nowadays.

  7. John Nielson says:

    I have the 3.5HP 10 Gal version of the vacuum/blower. I hate it!! The power cord is way to short at around 6 feet long. There is no handle to carry the unit as a vacuum cleaner. It requires two hands to move it up and down the stairs. The “tool holder” is very flimsy and doesn’t hold all the tools.

    I bought this to replace a 15 gal QSP unit that wore out, a far superior unit. I’ll very much have second thoughts in buying another Shop-vac.

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