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We’ve been receiving the TP Tools & Equipment catalong for about eight months now, and we’re always impressed with their selection of tools.  We haven’t seen anyone that offers the same combination of practical and reasonably-priced tools oriented toward professional fabrication and auto restoration.

But we haven’t had a chance to order from them yet, and we wonder how easy they are to work with.  Have any of you done business with TP?  If you have — or know someone who has, or even just have an opinion — let us know in comments.  We’d also like to hear about any experiences you might have with their self-branded tools — from pneumatics to the large blasting cabinets.

And hey — even if you haven’t heard of them, you should call for your free catalog.  If nothing else, the catalogs are great drool material.

TP Tools & Equipment [Corprorate Site]


One Response to Hot or Not? TP Tools & Equipment

  1. Phil says:

    Long time reader, forst time poster here.

    Definitely ‘HOT’. I’ve been dealing with this company for at least 20 years now. I have one of the larger (960) cabinets, as well as a pressure blaster from their line of discontinued pressure units (which were actually made by Brut and sold for many years in a cross-branding deal). Much like Eastwood, the company has embraced the auto restoration crowd in later years and increased their lineup of good quality tools geared to that end. Long a common sight at the Carlisle, PA swap meet, I’ve picked up tools and machinery for fabrication and restoration/maintenance over the years while at the show, and once stopped by the store when driving through that part of Ohio. They’ve only grown since then.

    TP-branded equipment is first rate stuff, not overly expensive, and will last a long time IMO. I’ve beat on the cabinets I’ve gotten from them and they are still running like new.

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