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Fastcaps are self-adhesive, PVC cover caps that you can stick on to cover unsightly screw heads in wood projects — just like the caps that come with cheap-ass IKEA furniture.  Of course, to do the job right you should countersink the screw, form a plug made of identical wood, glue, fill, and sand.  But for some projects you just don’t have that kind of time.

They’re available in 70 stock colors — including most popular wood finishes — as well as the plain-jane white PVC version which you can paint to match any color.  They also come in 30 different shapes to fit a wide variety of applications from covering hardware fittings to trimming plumbing cut outs in sink cabinets.  And if the standard 30 shapes and styles don’t fit, Fastcap will also make a custom cap for you.

Before you comment telling us how cheesy these are — we know.  But hey, if you have a project with 50 or 100 screws to cover, this would save a ton of time.  And at less than $1 for 100 caps, they don’t really break the bank, either.

Fastcaps [Fastcap]
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4 Responses to Little Caps Save Big Time

  1. Tom says:

    The may be fast and cheap, but they are so UGLY!!!! But making them to fit around plumbing to give a more finished look to holes is a good idea.

  2. The fastcaps themselves are the least interesting product Fastcap sells! The rest of their selection is like an inventor’s brain exploded, it’s great.

  3. Dan says:

    Agreed with Nate definitely, it’s amazing the stuff you never thought you wanted and now you must have! We use Fastcaps all the time in our cabinetry business they look great, and they’re really adhesive.

  4. Jon says:

    I found this site that sells both Fastcaps and Wood Plugs – the interesting thing is I could buy an assortment of Fastcaps and Wood Plugs in many different quantities. Quality was great.

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