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Know the best way to become every neighborhood guy’s best friend (without owning a plasma cutter)?  Put a refrigerator in the garage and fill it with beer.  But there’s a hitch: once everyone knows it’s there, you’ve got to provide beer to anyone who walks by or you’re instantly an asshole.

Wayne sent us a link to the perfect way to avoid the dichotomy: a fridge that looks just like a rolling tool cabinet.  Now you can offer your friends — defined as those that work with you instead of just ambling over for freebies — a cold one while telling visitors you’re too dirty to go inside to get them one.  Sweet.

It’s branded “Craftworks” — a logo which, when applied to the fridge, looks like another tool logo with which you’re surely familiar.  It offers other cool features, too.  The inside is black instead of the normal high-vis white, which means you won’t have to scrub out your dirty paw prints quite as often.  The door also locks to keep you from accidentally providing the go-juice for a local kids’ party, and the top makes a nice countertop for setting down clean items — like your lunch.

The bad news: it’s $350, and it’s currently on back order.  You’ll just have to suck it up beer the nosy neighbor for a bit longer.  Oh well; you can always give him Schaefer.

Craftworks Toolbox Refrigerator [After 5]


2 Responses to A Perfectly Camoflaged Fridge For The Shop

  1. James says:

    You could make your own by painting a normal fridge and attaching the handles.

    You could also take an old cabinet and jam a small fridge in it, like this guy did to an old SGI server:


    Hmmm. Maybe I can do that with my old Alpha server, which is currently a night table in my spare bedroom and is about the same size…

  2. Craig says:

    It doesn’t look big enough. I don’t want to waste a bunch of time having to restock beer.

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