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One side of this digging tool’s scoop is deeply-serrated (and sharpened!) to aid in cutting roots and vines, but it effectively looks like a 12″ long field knife — and a great way to accidentally scare the living crap out of your neighbors while gardening.

The “blade” is 7″ long, and its 5″ grip seems to come straight from the WWII K-Bar school of design with a red, ringed handle and a large hand-guard.  A belt-loop holster lets you keep it “at the ready.”   (We’re a little unclear on why one would put a muddy trowel back into a sheath, but you can.)

At $50 we think this tool should at least come with the complete “garden warrior action set” — including weed grenades and a trusty semi-automatic leaf rake — but $50 only nets you the tool and sheath.

Be careful: it’s a jungle garden out there.

Pro Gardeners Digging Tool [Garrett Wade]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]


3 Responses to Gardening, Rambo-Style

  1. Tom says:

    This is comically awesome. I should get this for my wife to carry around on her belt!, but could be pretty cool.

  2. Roscoe says:

    This was featured in TOH Magazine this winter. These style tools are actually pretty handy- I like them for both mass planting annuals, and for dividings perennials. Fiskars make a nice version in the $15-20 range, but it doesn’t include a sheath.

  3. James says:

    This looks like a lot like the “Japanese Farmer’s Knives” available from Lee Valley for about half the price:

    The Lee Valley ones look better, too.

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