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Today Hitachi announced they’re adding four new (larger) sizes to their diamond grit core bit line.  The line now consists of nine sizes ranging all the way up to 1″ in diameter.

As you can see from the photo, these are great for creating perfect circular holes in tile, marble, and even glass.  For lots more information, check out our original post on the line back in 2006 when it was initially released.


2 Responses to Preview: New, Larger Diamond Core Bits From Hitachi

  1. Tom says:

    The idea is cool, but I almost never drill into marble, glass, or tile. When I do I know what to get. Hopefully these work better then the spade bits that are designed for glass, those are a pain.

  2. seraph037 says:

    i have the smaller bit that came out before these, and it works beautifully. as long as you remember to use water to cool the bit when drilling. the trick is to start by holding the bit at a 45 degree angle to the work to score the surface and then level off when the bit is secure from walking. works wonders in tile.

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