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Grab a beer and learn how to replace standard switches with dimmers — a great way to “set the mood” without breaking the bank.  We’ll talk you through identifying the type of dimmer you’ll need and installing it.  (Podcast Download)


3 Responses to One Beer Projects: Installing A Dimmer Switch

  1. James says:

    Do you *really* want to know why all electrical faceplates use standard screws?

    A standard screw head is not as noticeable as a robertson or phillips.

    Feel free to scream.

  2. Metagrobol says:

    Side note: Don’t Dim florescent lights . . . (at least not with out more hardware)

  3. Mark says:

    Dimmers can also offer real savings in electric costs. If you have a 5 bulb “chandelier” you can dim it rather than unscrew bulbs … yes, you don’t really need 5×40 or 5×60 *or* 5×75(!!) watts do you.

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