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The Maxistrike hammer may look like a reject from Dr. Seuss’s private hardware store,  but that’s on purpose — the neck’s arc supposedly limits over-strike damage by presenting an angled (as opposed to straight) surface to the wood below.  The manufacturer also claims its unique shape brings the head’s weight forward, much like the ever-popular Estwing.

Besides the curvy neck, the Maxstrike also sports a padded grip that’s injected moulded directly onto the forged handle, and the grip includes four “finger channels” for comfort and additional gripping power.

But seriously — a curved neck?  It may be a great hammer, but I’m having a hell of a time getting over that neck.  Have any of you tried this sucker out?  Or just have some strong opinions about it?  Let us know in comments.

Maxistrike Hammer [Redback Tools]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]
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25 Responses to Hot or Not: Maxistrike Hammer

  1. Abe says:

    I cannot post froom experience here but I htink I’d have a hard(er) time hitting the nail with the neck all bent like that. It would be hard to track visually.

  2. Brau says:

    I’d have to say NOT as it’s not much different from an Estwing. Having broken my thumb with a miss-hit across the narrow shaft of an Estwing I will never use one (or similar styled one) again.

  3. Charlie says:

    Seems like a gimmick. If you’re gonna bash the neck on whatever you’re hammering, then a small curve in it is only gonna delay the neck-strike. Plus it looks like it’s got a “knife edge” to it. I think some medieval weapons have that same shape to improve the slicing action….haha.

  4. slade says:

    There are times when it is going to be useful, but am I got to go and get it just for that small part of the job? NOT

  5. PutnamEco says:

    Handyguys interviewed the creator on their podcast. episode 45

  6. Bryan Raeburn says:

    I have used it and would never go back to a convential hammer. Out performs the others by far!

  7. Morgan Andrade says:

    i love this frigin thing for my field of work wich is the industrial/commercial door industry. Its relativley compact but delievers a good solid hit and allows to hit around obstacles in many cases. i was so pissed when i lost mine and i have not bought a new hammer cuz i cant find this one!! I strongly agree with Bryan Raeburn.

  8. L. Bament says:

    My son is a carpenter and does a lot of first fix, he is hard on all of his tools, especially abusive to hammers. He used a couple of the big name American hammers and 2 years was the best life before the rubber on the handles slowly breaks up and or the heads chip. As I mentioned he is really hard on his tools. His Maxistrike has lasted 4 years abuse without any damage whatsover. Secondly these hammers for some reason hit really hard. I don’t know the scientific reasons why but more force seems to transfer to the hammer head.

    • Dirt says:

      I agree with L.Bament and others; these hammers are fantastic. I have been using one for at least 5 years. I put it through serious punishment nearly every day. Just love it and would find it hard to go back to anything else. Brilliant for going places that a standard hammer just can’t reach. would buy another in a heartbeat. If anyone has info of a supplier, particularly here in Oz, please share. Thanks

  9. A Worker says:

    Once you try this hammer – you’ll never ask for any other !
    It is a great hammer, only it is shame you can’t buy it regularly in shops, the Redback company collapsed for some reasons.
    The only thing I would like if the black rubber on handle has brighter colour, but I paint mine in red.

  10. Ron Snelling says:

    I was fortunate to buy one of these 15 years ago when they had a red rubber handle. It is still the best hammer i have ever had. If you ever have to skew nail roof trusses or rafters you will know why there is a bend in the shaft. For framing and general construction best thing since sliced bread.

  11. Alex says:

    Best hammer ever I have had mine for 15 years I’m a carpenter so it gets a bit of a work out and by far the best hemmed I have ever had Iv been a chippy for 20 years and I have had 2 eastwings then I got a REDBACK and I will not ever go back

  12. Les says:

    Best Hammer Ever!… As a chippy I have used many a hammer, you name it I’ve probably owned it, then there was that faithful day 11 years ago when I found one of these bad boys in Bunnings and since then I have never looked back, it’s all I use, I actually had to buy another off the RedBack site 6yrs ago cause another chippy left my first one under a deck in another town whilst packing up site and didn’t notice until I got home and when I went to Bunnings I was informed that they stop stocking it… Seriously I give it a 15/10, one of the neat aspects of the hammer that I found is that it can rest comfortably on my shoulder which is handy while balancing and nailing off ceiling sheets making easily reachable when needed… I’ve swapped to an electrical trade but I still make sure that my RedBack is part of my tool set on site

  13. Grant Wende says:

    Seriously the best hammer I’ve used over 35yrs a carpenter had for 6 yrs till it disappeared at work peeved I can’t get another out here in Australia I just want my maxistrike Back please.

  14. Brian says:

    I’ve owned one of these hammers for 7/8 years and its awesome. The curved shape also allows the hammer to rest on your shoulder if you need both hands to measure and make a mark or something

  15. Brady Pryor says:

    Ive bought this hammer 10 years ago, its still going strong, has a great balance, hits hard not to mention the convenience of hitting over the top of pipes/your hand with the curved handle.

  16. Karl says:

    I brought this hammer and I love it so much I got it just over 8 years ago and now to ray it snapped straight in half I was so up set iv been looking so hard to fine a new one to bye and can not find one please if anyone knows where to still get one please let me know

  17. Nicholas Ricketts says:

    Used the Boss model for years untill lost in the outback. Then bought the Don model off the Maxistrike site.wanted the Boss again but wasn’t available. Best hammer.

  18. Peter says:

    I bought one of these in 2008 and use it every day as a contract carpenter
    It’s now 2018 and it’s still going strong with only slight cracking in the end of the rubber handle where I use it like a rubber mallet.
    I recall it being a bit strange to use at first as it’s weighted differently to other hammers but love it now and would buy another one if this one ever dies.
    The curve gives better reach around corners ie skew nailing joists or rafters or timber wall framing.
    And it packs a heafty punch by.

  19. Ilijah says:

    If anyone someone has one I will pay top dollar for it as mine got mistakenly 🤔taken from me cheers

  20. Safrit construction says:

    Have three of them. Wouldn’t use anything else. Great hammer

  21. Ogre Johnson says:

    Absolutely love this hammer! My company does haul offs and clean outs so I can’t say for sure where it came from, but this is my go-to hammer, out of a collection of 20-30 hammers. My uncle who has been in construction for 50 years had never seen a hammer like it, all my guys try and grab this hammer when they need one saying it’s easier to hit a nail with it over any of my or their straight handle hammers. We also build and repair decks, fences, subfloors, general carpentry so hammers are used on the daily. Love my “crooked handle” hammer as my uncle calls it and will always grab it first!

  22. Steve says:

    Never used a better hammer! Had mine for 15 years and would love to get my hands on a few more if anyone is interested in selling??

  23. Steven says:

    Been in the game over 44years had 2 estwing 24’s over the years found the maxistrike laying on the road over 15 years ago best hammer i have ever used and still in use today tough as!!

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