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Apparently Black & Decker’s been making reciprocating saws for some time, but I just recently came across one — and it looks like a pretty decent deal.  For around $80 you get an 8.5A saw with variable speed (0-2,400 strokes per minute), a six-setting speed limiter, and a three-position pivoting shoe.

It’s the RS600K, and it also features Black & Decker’s “Quick Clamp” tool-less blade change system.  (After using one tool-less setup, I’ll never go back.)  Other details include a 1-1/8″ stroke and a soft rubber handle grip.  In “kit” form it ships with a storage case that also holds blades.

8.5A Reciprocating Saw Kit [Black & Decker]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]


6 Responses to A Reciprocating Saw From Black & Decker

  1. Koba says:

    I’ve always wondered which types were lured in to buying sub par recip saws. Eighty dollars is ridiculous for a cheapy saw of this caliber. Spend the extra ten and get the Ridgid, or the extra 20 and get a DeWalt, or Sawzall/Bosch on sale. Not to mention all the name brands I mentioned are more powerful than the B&D. The Home Depot is currently clearancing the Bosch RS15 in my area for 99 bucks, and that’s a GREAT saw.

    The thing I’ve always loved about these saws is that once you buy them, a world of projects either opens up to you, or becomes infinitely easier. You can justify the price of a good one simply by using it as a limb lopper. Anyone needing to get rid of a junk shed/carport/damn near anything will benefit from a good recip saw.

  2. Cheapo says:

    I am a type that was lured into buying a sub par recip saw. I got one at HF for about $15-20 about a year ago, and so far Its done everything from trimming plywood subfloor & 2x4s to cutting a seized bolt off my car. Once I replaced the horrible stock blades with something from Home Depot everything works great. May not be the most powerful saw available, but for me it handles everything I need a recip saw for, and saved me $80.

  3. Brau says:

    I bought a cheapie PowerMax recip saw @ Walmart a few years back for $69 and have been very pleasantly surprised with it. It has cut all the railroad ties for my planters/retaining walls, lopped many limbs, wrecked a few sheds, and cut through the floors/joists when we cut in a new set of stairs, and sawed up miles of 1″- 4″ iron pipes when we tore out the old boiler. I can see if you were in construction for a living you might want a more durable model, but for the homeowner/weekend warrior like me, I don’t need anything more. Oh, and the money I saved has allowed me to be liberal about buying fresh blades.

  4. Chris Murray says:

    I stopped buying black and decker products after I saw the warranty on one of their sanders. “2 year, home use only”.

    The home use only looks like a scape goat, if they don’t want to repair or replace the tool, they can simply say “This tool shows signs of professional use”.

    I now spend the extra $10-$20 for a name brand tool.

  5. TL says:

    I spent $99 on my Millwaukie on sale a few years back and am happy owning a tool that will last longer than I will. That said, I definitely understand Cheapo’s viewpoint. There’s a lot to be said for going with the cheapest thing out there if it’s a very occasional use item and it will save you $80. I think Koba’s point is why go with the cheap tool if the difference in cost is less than what you spent on gas driving to the store?

  6. Teacher says:

    I bought an 8.5mp B&D Firestorm at Lowes a couple years ago for $49. Regular price was $59. It’s been a great saw for me as I only use it once a month or so. It’s cut steel drain pipe, 4×4’s, 2×8’s, plywood, tree limbs, 3″ and 4″ diameter trees. With good blades, it’s a fine saw for a DIYer.

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