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Besides its thick, durable casing and slip-resistant TPR grip, this new marker from Stanley offers something we often need on the job site: the ability to mark on wet and oily surfaces.

It features a chiseled tip so you can make wide, solid marks or use the sharp point to write smaller notes.  The cap is slip-resistant as well, so you’re less likely to drop it.  Best of all, it looks just about the right size to fit in your gloved or naked hand.

Yeah, we know: it’s just a marker.  But it’s amazing how much a few simple improvements can make the most basic tools more usable.

It’s pretty new, so Google Product Search isn’t turning it up yet.  We did find an Amazon vendor offering it, though, and I’d expect to see it in big-box retailers in the very near future.  Street pricing starts around $5.50.

Fat Max Xtreme Marker [Stanley]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


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