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You really can’t have too many scales around the shop: a normal bathroom scale for really heavy stuff, a fish scale for medium-weight measurements, and a small scale like this one for gauging mixing measurements and such.  And at $10, there’s really no excuse not to have one.

This scale from Harbor Freight is tiny — it measures just 2-7/8″ x 4-15/16″ — and handles weights up to 500 grams.  According to HF, it also folds for storage and runs on two AAA batteries. 

We use scales like this one primarily for measuring epoxy and plastics mixes when the volumes are too small to measure visually.  It’s easy to weigh your cup, then squirt in “X” grams of part A and “X” grams of part B to assure a good mix.  Of course, there are dozens of other uses as well.

Digital Pocket Scale [Harbor Freight]


6 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: HF’s Digital Pocket Scale

  1. William says:

    I use a similar scale for measuring food in the kitchen all the time. Not sure how I would use it in the shop.

  2. SouthPaw says:

    FYI: This the the preferred drug sale scale. Don’t leave in you car.
    A buddy had in his rc modeling toolbox. He brought to store to weigh rechargeable batteries. He just threw into glove box when he got back in car. A few days later got pull over by cops for a traffic violation. But when he opened the glove box to get insurance and registration the cop saw the scale and made him get out of car and asked if he could search car. The called a drug dog and it took 2 hours before they let him leave.

  3. I have a cheap kitchen scale, which I got from eBay. In retrospect, the “no refunds, no exchanges unless item is DOA” terms should’ve been a warning: It’s highly susceptible to RF interference, so it’s useless when the microwave is running or if there’s an active cellphone nearby. Aside from that, it’s handy enough.

    Be careful with epoxy though, since it’s usually specified by volume, and the components have different densities. Some epoxies might specify equivalent weights, but you might want to check for this before buying your epoxy, if you’re wedded to the idea of measuring by weight.

  4. Tom says:

    Not a bad price, I wonder how accurate. For epoxy I just use the calibrated pumps, one of resin and one of hardener is way easier than by weight. Though for measuring all the different epoxy additives this scale would be great.

  5. mhig9000 says:

    Yeah I’d definitely think twice about carrying this around willy-nilly, these things feature about once an episode on COPS.

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