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Maybe this is just silly, but I couldn’t help posting it: of all the LED flashlight deals I’ve seen in the last motnh, this one totally tops the LED to price ratio.  With twenty-freakin’-eight LEDs, this light from Dealextreme sells for just $3.59.  The specs claim the LEDs are good for 100,000 hours.  YMMV.

28 LED Flashlight [Deal Extreme]


6 Responses to Dealmonger: 28 LED Flashlight

  1. Kurt Schwind says:

    Great post. I am just now in the market for a cheap flashlight to put in my daughter’s bedroom. I’ll have to give this one a go. If it works well, I might get 2.

  2. Martin J S says:

    Christ that’s a lot of LEDs. I’d like to see what that puts out. Guess I’ll buy one to find out.

  3. Stuey says:

    Hmm. Would it be possible for you guys to do an LED flashlight review? It would be great to see how these compare to say a maglite or surefire where the price to LED ratio is astronomically higher.

  4. Stu says:

    For LED flashlight reviews you will not find a better site than this fanatic:

    It’s worth a look for anyone who likes flashlites etc.


  5. Ooh, I guess I need to wrap up that LED flashlight review I’ve been working on. 😉 I don’t have photometric equipment, but I’m doing beam comparisons and current measurements, etc.

    In general: Any cheap LED flashlight that takes three alkaline batteries is probably crap. They’ll produce decent output for the first few minutes, but after that, the unregulated LED driver lets the current sag and the output becomes less than stellar. Piss-poor lights like these are largely responsible for the bad reputation that LED lighting has, but you get what you pay for.

  6. Ron Lynch says:

    If you want a good LED flash lite and have a Mini-Maglite laying around, I suggest you get an LED upgrade kit. I bought a couple of these two months ago and have been very happy with the results. Battery life is excellent, light output is superior to the maglite incandescent bulb and the kit includes a tailcap switch. I picked up mine at Lowe’s for about $9. Check them out at niteize.com
    BTW I am not employed by them, just like their product.

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