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The Duckbill Deck Wrecker — a simple duckbill-shaped claw food on the end of a long stick — lets you apply boot power and leverage to rip up deck boards in a hurry.  And since you’re not struggling or bending over, you’ll finish the job with far less back pain that usual.

It’s easy to use: yank off the first board by whatever means you have, then position the wrecker to straddle the joist with the claw under a board.  Rotate the head up while standing on a safe platform over the exposed joist to tear off the next board.  Wash, rinse, repeat — no kneeling and no sore arms like with standard pry bars.

It’s a little expensive at $60, but if we had a big deck to demo, we’d go for it.  It looks like it’d denfinitly speed up the project, and we’d much rather enjoy a cold beer while sitting on a deck than spending all day ripping one up.

Duckbill Decker Wrecker [Deck Wrecker]
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4 Responses to Wreck a Deck Without Wrecking Your Back

  1. Mark says:

    Looks good but do you think it would work with a deck that has been screwed on?

  2. kdp says:

    I love ideas like this. Seems like it would work for roof decking and maybe wood fence demo as well.

    Mark – If it happened recently, you could slip and fall.

  3. Pry off the first board, then wedge it under the next one at a 45 degree angle to the joist. An 8-ft long pry bar that you pull DOWN on is VERY easy on the back.

    Yes, this means you have to stand on the joists, a couple 4×6 sheets of plywood makes that pretty easy too. As for screws, they seem to break more often than the boards, but that happens too.

  4. JMH says:

    I just bought one of these and I can tell you it’s well worth the price. I have over 700 sf of decking that needs to be removed. We tried tearing out the boards using a pry bar and got 7 rows done in 2 hours and very sore backs. That sent me to the internet to find a better way and I found this back saver. I took it out of the box and in 10 minutes I had 8 rows of decking off. You don’t have to stand on the joists, just take out the pin and turn the handle around to change the angle. The 2 arms straddle the joist and push the board straight up with very little effort. If the nails don’t come out with the board it will pull them right through. I will gladly pay the $60.00 to do the job in less than half the time and save my back in the process.

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