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We’ve linked to a number of discount (read: cheap-ass) tool deals from Dodgetopia in the past, but we’ve avoided them for a bit recently because we’ve heard grumblings from some buyers regarding their recent reliability.  When we checked their site today for a tool we had on backorder, we discovered the front page empty except for a lone message that reads:

DodgeTopia.com regrets to announce that due to the incompetence of our distributor we are ceasing trading. Over the last year it has become apparent to us that their negative attitude, constant order errors, inability to keep track of or order stock, and continual lack of support from their management is not something we wish to continue to pursue.  Please be assured that all orders still classified as “pending” are being fully investigated as to their current status.  Any orders placed after April 14, 2007 have been credited. We would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support and patience.

Chalk one more discount tool seller as belly up.  I guess we may have to write off that set of $3 pliers we ordered a few months back.

Notice To Customers [Dodgetopia]


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